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URL Rewrite

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About URL Rewrite

URL Rewrite Tool - A lot of sites are dynamic in nature in the current scenario and dynamic sites mostly consist of dynamic URLs. You must have noticed a weird string of numbers and id trackers in some links to various popular sites. These are nothing but dynamically generated URLs. The problem with such URLs is that they are hard to read and understand. Even when technically considered, static ones are a lot better than these dynamic ones. Thus, the URL Rewrite Tool helps you in converting a complex dynamic URL to a user- friendly static one in no time.

You must have worked with URL many times but have you ever searched the inner meaning or what does the term mean or what it does on the web. Perhaps no, nobody does that. So here will be first discussing URL and its detailing.

Can you define URL? Uniform Resource Locator commonly termed as URL, it is used to specify the location on the computer network and thus employing a mechanism for the purpose of retrieving it. URL can be termed as a particular type of URI or Uniform Resource Identifier. URL cannot be compared with URI. Both two are completely different from each other. URL can be the medium through which a specific resource is being accessed. Web pages such as http are being referenced through URLs. It can be used for the purpose of file transfer, email, database access and in other application. URL are shown at the top of the web browser for a web page. URL is shown in the address bar of the web page.

Let’s take an example Here in this example, http denotes the protocol, “” denotes the hostname and index.html denote the file name for a specific web page. URL or Uniform Resource Locator can be categories into two parts – dynamic URL and Static URL.

What is a dynamic URL?

URL that point to a website that is script driven or a database is called the dynamic URL. These URL are generated through a specific query to the database of the site. The page can be thus a template that usually displays the query result. The content of the database comes from that of the database that is being linked up with the site. Data is changed in the database instead of changing the information in HTML code. Depending on the query pattern that gets generated in the database of the site, the dynamic URLs can also be changed. If you see special character like “?”, “&”, “%””+”,”=”,”$” and other special characters then you can think it as a dynamic URL. This URL generally directs you to the dynamic web page address. Webmasters take this URL as a challenge so as to meet the goals that are related to the digital marketing. Dynamic URLs are long and contain a bulk of information so they do have a click rate that is lower in SERPs, social media and emails. By seeing the URL the viewers are not able to understand the content of the URL unless they click on the URL.

What is a Static URL?

An URL where the content of the web page does not change unless and until a change in the HTML code is being done is called a static URL. Thus the URL will not change on the basis of the remote server or database input. Static URLs remains the same each and every time the page gets loaded. It is the rules for a page that does not contain the interactive elements that are based on the remote data of the web administrator‘s result.

Comparison between Dynamic and Static URL

As a fact search engine do give priority to static URL than dynamic URL. Here are some reasons why the search engine and the webmasters do prefer static URL over the dynamic URL;

  • Dynamic URL does not help in the ranking of the website or the webpage in the search engine whereas static URL helps in the ranking of the website in the search engine.
  • The content of the dynamic pages of a dynamic URL is being indexed more slowly compared to that of a static page if the static URL.
  • Dynamics URLs are not easy for the users to understand whereas static URLs are users friendly and can be understood very easily.

URL Rewrite Tool

URL Rewrite Tool - By now you must have understood the need of having a static URL. In some cases, it is been seen that webmaster without knowing the advantage of static URL has already established a dynamic URL. So, what can be done in such a scenario? Do not panic. Here I am providing you with information about the certain tool that helps to change a dynamic URL into a static URL. These tools are mainly known as the URL rewrite tool that has a place provided where the dynamic URL is been entered and result as a static URL. A submit button is also provided on pressing which the dynamic URL is being converted into the static URL.

Suppose if you enter a static URL then it shows the message as “Alert! URL entered does not seem to be a dynamic URL “. By these tools, the webmasters convert the log dynamic URL into the short static URL. Users get facilitated as they can remember the static UTL more easily than that of a dynamic URL. Static UTL is used for better search engine ranking. Rewriting engine is thus software that modifies the appearance of the URL by converting it into static URL. These are one of the essential tools that most of the webmasters uses these days. These tools are not time-consuming and can thus make your work easier by converting the dynamic URL into the static URL in a fraction of a second.

It is a URL Rewrite Tool that helps you to easily convert the dynamically generated URLs to static ones. This is not the final step in implementing the static URLs but the tool will help you get started. A lot of sites work on a dynamic mechanism and they all have URLs that are generated automatically. This leads to a lot of confusion on the part of the users of the site as well as to the ones with whom the links are shared with. With this tool, one can get rid of all the problems a dynamic URL has.

How to use URL rewrite tool?

It is quite simple to use this URL Rewrite Tool as all you have to do is to add a dynamic URL to the input and press the submit button. But before doing so, you need to verify yourself through the captcha present below the input. In case the URL you have added for rewriting is already a static one then you will be shown an alert that the URL you have entered is not dynamic in nature.

Why need to use URL rewrite tool?

There are various benefits of using this URL Rewrite Tool. One of the core reasons why you must have a static URL is that it is easier for people to understand. Another better advantage is that search engines usually rank the static ones higher. Also, when it comes to indexing your site's pages, the search engines tend to process and index the dynamic URLs a lot slower than the static ones. When someone sees a static address, it is easier to decipher what content that URL might have which is a difficulty in the dynamic URLs.

Tips for using the URL rewrite tool

To make your dynamic URLs static for the various advantages it provides, you need to take some sort of efforts but this tool makes it extremely easy for you. Following are a few tips to use the URL Rewrite Tool:

  • Before you enter a URL to convert, make sure that it is a dynamically generated one. In case it is not, the tool will return just an error stating the same.
  • Once you have got the rewritten URL, you then need to put it into your .htaccess files. If you are not aware of it, get your developer to do the job for you.

You must start using the tool in order to convert your URLs and making your links user and search engine friendly.