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Who is Ellys Kho?

Ellys Kho is from Indonesia, and She very loves to read a novel, surfing the internet, and forex trading but Her English still not good, She started her career as an amateur blogger is January 2012 which in results "Ellys Directory (No more)" is born but later She moves and shut the Ellys Directory down to brand the new directory which known as "BlogHints", And start Forex Trading since 2018 February, and still in Amateur Ranking (I guess). In this Site Not only providing SEO & Web Tools for free to use She'll also post articles related with SEO, Hosting, Webmaster, and Forex in very simple way, Beside Own Web Directory She also own some other sites, Which;

  • The place for those very love to write or read a short story.
  • SEO Tools and bloggger tips and tricks site, later move out to SmallerSeo.Tools.
  • A Website that specialize to make a list of sites.

Ellys Kho will write tips, tricks and information based on what she experience and actual information.

What is SmallerSeo.Tools? is a global service provider company having their clients all over the world. We provide text-related services. SmallerSEO.Tools main focus lies on satisfying the customers need. We work as a detector, builder, generator and analyzer. Building a website doesn’t only mean to create a webpage or a number of the webpage. The primary work lies once you have completed building it up. Hundreds of websites domain names are getting register around the world every single day. The mission of each and every website lies in gaining ranking in the search engine. The competition gets higher each and every single minute. So here the race begins. SmallerSEO.Tools helps you to get noticed.

SmallerSEO.Tools can help you with the text, checker, generator, detector and analyzer. Meta tags play a very important role in the ranking of your website. We are here to assist you in this. We act as a Meta tags generator and an analyzer. In a single click, you can get your desired result. Secondly, there are certain pages of your website that you may not want the spiders to crawl in, so here comes the necessity of the Robots.txt generator which helps you to create robots.txt directives for your website. We can also assist you with the content of your website through our article rewriter tool and plagiarism checker tool. Our article rewriter can provide you with a hundred of options. A duplicate content can be bad for search engine ranking. We do not want that to be happening with your website. Through our plagiarism checker, one can identify the duplicate text and thus rectify it. SmallerSEO.Tools can also monitor the ranking of your keyword.

Need more assistance. Yes, we have promised to be your complete guide in the launching of your website. Generate XML sitemap generator through our site is extremely easy. Facilitate your website with the Geo IP locator or the Alexa rank checker. Today Google likes a mobile friendly web page. I believe that you have designed your web page such that it can be clearly made visible in the mobile but are you sure that it can work so? Here we come with a mobile-friendly test that can help you in testing the mobile accessibility of your site. Last but not the least is the SSL checker that provides security for your website. Why taking chances when SmallerSEO.Tools provide with a site that comes with an all these checker and generators.

Do you know what a Backlinks is? Backlinks can be named as a hyperlink that will interface you from a site page back to your website page. The higher the Backlinks directing your page, the higher will be the ranking of your page. We at Myseotools help in creating Backlinks as much as possible.

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We also has a part for blog posting where one can find some meaningful information related to our site. If you don’t have any idea about the need of checker or generator, then you can gather some information through our blog posts. This short writing are really relevant and give quite a lot of information.

We are here to assist you. You can contact us each and every time you feel a need of our experts. We are serving as a service provider for many companies around the world. We are just a click away and need a few seconds of your precious time. Our mission is to help you in the ranking of your website stands beside your side to help in launching your web page.