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Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin the Sections Breaking Down

05/12/2017 5:10 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

If you are a blogger running your blogs on WordPress self-hosted platform, then you are in luck as you have such an enormous list of plugins available from various developers which help manages your WordPress blog feel like a walk in the park.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a crucial thing which all webmasters need to take care of and develop their sites following the proper SEO practices in order to rank on Google. I agree that SEO is complicated and the current options may overwhelm a beginner.

Yoast SEO Wordpress Plugin

So where do you go for the real-time advice for the basic SEO? Don’t look any further, you can do that from within your WordPress blog. Thanks to Yoast SEO Plugin, one of the best SEO plugins available in WordPress plugin directory.

Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin has both premium and free versions of their top notch SEO tool. Let’s talk more about the free tool since beginners won’t be able to afford the premium version for now. But if you can, I highly suggest you get the premium version for more advanced features and peace of mind.

Breaking down the sections of Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin

Dashboard: Here you can see the major SEO issues on your site as well as some improvements to further optimize your SEO. You can learn more about the plugin’s features here through various tutorials as well as add Meta tags of various webmaster tools for easy verification of your sites.

Titles & Metas: Here’s where the fun begins. You can add title and description of your homepage over here as well as customize the settings for posts, pages as well as media content. You can also play with indexation option of taxonomies like Categories and Tags (we suggest to set these as well as author archives to “no-index” to avoid duplicate content issues)

Social: Put simply, this section allows you to add all your social media profiles related to the website you are working on.

XML Sitemap: It is one of the crucial settings. A sitemap is what search engines crawl to find new URLs on a website. It gets updated every time you post an article. You want to show only posts as well as pages in the sitemap. Taxonomies aren’t necessary since we have already blocked them in the titles section.

Advanced: The advanced section allows you to configure Permalinks as well as Breadcrumbs. Keeping SEO friendly permalinks is important.

Tools: This section allows you to edit the important files of your website like robots.txt as well as .htaccess. Don’t mess with these files unless you know what you are doing since one little mistake can cause a heap of errors on your site.

Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin individual post features

Besides the plethora of features Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin offers for the entire site, it also has a dedicated section for individual post SEO. Here you can edit the title and description of individual posts and pages to make sure they are SEO optimized and hide unnecessary pages from being indexed like login pages, terms pages etc.

You also get readability suggestions with which you can improve your post quality since user engagement is also a major factor in your rankings and visitors tend to stick on sites which have content with proper grammar and paragraphs.

Yoast SEO Important Links

  • Yoast SEO Plugin for Wordpress: you can learn more about Yoast, what is it?, to gain perfection impression about this plugin.
  • Basic Configuration for Yoast Wordpress SEO Plugin (Premium Version): get more information about and how to use yoast premium plugin properly.
  • Drupal Module: Now, Yoast SEO not exclusive for Wordpress CMS anymore, but now it available in Drupal too.

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