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What is A Press Release & The Sample

05/09/2017 10:30 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

What is A Press Release - So you have released a product which you believe will be worthwhile for your consumers and has the capability to solve a problem? That’s cool. You might be thinking how would you reach your target audience?

What is A Press Release and The Sample

What is A Press Release

What is A Press Release? You can tell Press Release are latest's news release, actual News, press statement, media release. So you don’t need to be confused, since they all mean one and the same. Press release is an awesome way of circulating or syndicating information for various news sites to pick up. It is usually an article with low to medium word count which gets straight to the point without any extended information along with the links of the product and contact information of the founder.

Press releases also play an important role in SEO. Since you will be using only your brand name as well as naked anchor texts and they have a mixture of no follow as well as do follow links, they really help in link diversity and you can avoid Google penguin penalty and focus on building exact match anchors without any worries.

Thanks to the many latest PR sites, it is very easy for small businesses and bloggers to create and syndicate a press release and not burn a hole in one’s pocket. Depending on the syndication percentage, press releases vary from 60 USD to 150 USD per release. You can write the release by yourself or else you can hire a professional press release writer to write one for you.

If you don’t have any prior experience in writing a press release article, then we suggest you hire a professional and get it done for as cheap as 30 USD. If you don’t want to hire someone, then below are some pointers which should help you construct your own press release and hope that the syndication sites pick your release.

Press Release Sample Format

Below this you can find some of Press Release Sample that you need to follow:

  • Make sure you are describing the product briefly and exactly up to the mark. Your article count should be sweet at 300 words to 500 words only.
  • Start with a subject which is using a font which is big and clear enough. The subject should essentially summarize what the release is about.
  • You are supposed to take two links from the release, out of which one should be your brand name and another should be the naked URL ( of your company site.
  • It is advisable to quote the sayings of your manager or any important personality like a CEO in the release. It helps maintain credibility of the release.
  • Don’t forget to mention the date of the event. This is absolutely necessary when the release is about a product or website launch.
  • Don’t use any adult words or promote adult or sensitive niches like gambling, pharmacy, pornography etc. Your release won’t probably be picked if it has any adult content.
  • Construct the article as if you are having a conversation with your consumers. Make it readable and conclude a paragraph in not more than three lines.

We hope your release will be syndicated to as many platforms as possible and hope these press release format sample could help you in creating a perfect press release.

Press Release Sample in Video


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