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Web Hosting Types for Different Business

05/18/2017 10:51 PM by Ellys Kho in Hosting

Did you ever wonder how a website could display information and content? Where did they keep all contents and information? The answer is Web Hosting Servers.

To keep it always online and connected to the Internet so peoples can access the contents and information anytime, Web Hosting Servers is managed in data storage space or known as Data Center. Actually, you also can use your desktop computer in your home as storage space, but, this way considered very troublesome matter especially when it came for data management, so not many people want to do it. Typically, website owners will use Web Hosting Providers services that widely available on the Internet.

The term web hosting itself refers to the set of activities or information storage services of a website until it can finally be displayed when you access. Not infrequently, the term web hosting instead used to call the company hosting service providers in general.

How do Web Hosting Servers Work?

When you access some website (you can access a site using both their IP Address or Domain name) using web browsers with HTTP protocol (by typing their Domain Name or IP address in web browsers), the Internet will send your request to the Web Hosting Server, After that, The server will accept the request and process it and then send back the information that users requested to their Web Browsers, the information can be as Images, Texts, Audio files, and much more.

General Types of Web Hosting Servers Services

Generally, there 3 types of web hosting services that available, so the website owners could customize their needs, which:

types of web hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of web hosting service that put all users at once into one server, the users will using the Shared Hosting service by shared all resources & capacities of the server together. All Users have limited access rights to the server and server setting are already specified by the server manager. You can illustrate it as you stay on Flats which everyone has their own private bedroom but you need to share the bathroom with other users. Where Flats private bedroom as Hosting Account and Bathroom as the server resources.

Advantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Shared hosting more cheaper.
  • To use Shared Hosting you do not need to setup the server.
  • 24 hours monitored and supported by Shared Hosting provider.
  • Easy to use, just need to point your DNS (Domain Name Server) out and ready to go.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting:

  • Share the resources, when one of the users overloaded or overuse the resources, It is likely to have an impact on you as well.
  • The Users only have limited access to the server and only can manage their own files.
  • Unsecured.
  • Limited growth, this all because the Hosting Provider already set up a limit for your site, when violations may result in suspended to deletion of the hosting account.
  • Slow web process.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

Unlike Shared Hosting which using one server for all users, as VPS Hosting the Hosting Provider will give you one block from the server as your private web hosting where you can illustrate VPS Hosting like living in your own apartment/condo which you do not have to share the resources (bathroom). VPS Hosting also granted full right to access their Root server and settings your own preferences but to use VPS hosting you need knowledge and experiences.

Advantages of VPS Hosting:

  • Free to customize your own server preferences.
  • Access to your own Root VPS Server.
  • Host website as much as you want into your VPS hosting.
  • Bigger room to Growth.
  • Plenty Bandwidth.
  • Faster than Shared Hosting.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting:

  • Need knowledge and only for experienced users to use it (Un-Managed VPS).
  • Expensive than Shared Hosting but cheaper than Dedicated Server.
  • You need to Install your own Control Panel (Control Panel installation service is available).
  • Only own some part of a server only (not full server).

Dedicated Servers

Unlike VPS Hosting that only own part of a server, Dedicated Server own whole full server and only for you to use, Typically Dedicated Server same as VPS hosting and you can illustrate Dedicated Server as your own home, where you can do anything you like.

Advantages of Dedicated Server

  • Free to customize your own server preferences.
  • Access to your own Root Dedicated Server.
  • Host website as much as you want into your server.
  • Bigger room to Growth.
  • Own one full server.
  • Plenty Bandwidth.
  • Faster than VPS Hosting.
  • Secure.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Server:

  • Need knowledge and only for experienced users to use it (Un-Managed VPS).
  • Very Expensive.
  • You need to Install your own Control Panel (Control Panel installation service is available).

Which Hosting Types Better Shared Hosting, VPS or Dedicated Server?

So, Which Web Hosting Types if better for me? For starter business with limited budgets and still no income, better using Shared Hosting for a while, because you do not need some knowledge to use shared hosting and cheap price with good deals. But when your business grew bigger you need to consider moving to VPS Hosting or Dedicated Server depended on your business need. As for additional information, some SEO Experts said that Web hosting also has some good point for your On-Page SEO but it's still unconfirmed yet by Google itself.

3 General Web Hosting Types Video


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