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Use Shared Web Hosting?

05/16/2018 12:00 AM by Ellys Kho in Hosting

Web Hosting is a kind of service that is allowing the multinational companies and organizations to post their websites or web pages on the internet,  basically providing space on the internet. A web host or a web hosting provider is a business that provides the technologies. It is a kind of business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or web pages to be viewed on the internet.

Websites are hosted or stored by different organizations or enterprises on the special computers are basically known as servers. When the active search engine users want to view the website, they simply need to type the company’s website address into their browser. The computer will definitely get connected to the server and the web pages will be delivered to them through the browser.

 What is shared web hosting?

Shared hosting is the part of web hosting, where the service provider serves different pages for multiple websites, each having its own internet domain name, from a single web server. Maximum web hosting companies provide shared hosting. 

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

  1. Well, it is the cheapest Web Hosting option, the usual price for this style of hosting will range from $2.99-$9.99
  2. There are varieties of hosting available, so the maximum hosting companies can upgrade their hosting package with the time. Well, this makes the shared hosting a great place to start.
  3. Shared hosting is equipped with a built-in cPanel, which becomes extremely easy to manage the site.
  4.  Well, it is included in part of the hosting package, so technical maintenance are not needed to be done to your end to the server.

Shared Web Hosting Image

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

Well, Shared hosting is affordable, has a solid uptime and it is easy to manage. But it has certain drawbacks:

  1. The loading time of sharing hosting is quite slower than dedicated server.
  2. This server can be overburdened by multiple other sites, who are sharing the same server.
  3. When the site of any organization begins to receive huge number of traffic then they will notice that the site might begin to perform worse.
  4. The organization might be unaware about their neighbors. It may be possible for the other sites on the other server to pose a threat to your site.
  5. There may be lack of customization options to truly get the highest performance from their website.

There are few supporting technologies:-

  1. Windows (ASP, ASP.NET)
  2. Linux (PHP 5, Perl)

Database systems

There are following database system that is supported by:-

  1. MS Access
  2. MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012
  3. MySQL
What is Dedicated Web Hosting Service?

Dedicated Web hosting is a word used to describe web hosting packages, basically providing a dedicated server with dedicated resources to a single organization. It is also referred to as dedicated server and it can be set up as a service from within a data center.  There are certain benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting server:

1) Customization: Other hosting solutions are unable to provide the kind of freedom and control which dedicated hosting are providing. The server is basically dedicated to only one organization.

2) Uptime: In this tech arena, convenience is highly important and functioning of website all the time is vital.

All in all, shared hosting is the right choice for most of the webmasters. 

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