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Types of Hosting Servers

05/16/2018 12:00 AM by Ellys Kho in Hosting

A managed dedicated server hosting is an expanded dedicated hosting service where the web host managed servers providing the clients with a fully managed virtual and physical machines in a high availability on the basis of their needs.

It is absolutely perfect for the companies that don’t have an internal IT staff or want to free up their IT staff to focus on their tasks. A lot of companies are highly skeptical about turning the management and hosting of their servers over a web hosting provider, but those who have utilized managed hosting services that are finding the IT outsourcing as it can save money and time while letting them focus on the core business initiatives.

The Managed Dedicated server is offering the clients with an entire web server which is specifically dedicated to their needs, even fully administered by their own experienced team. The managed server is the best option for those sites which require more resources than shared web hosting.

This server is absolutely perfect for a high-end web server, both for the email and collaboration for hosting the web development project or for any task where a server’s full resources are important.

Pros & Cons of Managed Dedicated Server

The Advantages of Managed Dedicated Server

The advantages of the Managed Dedicated Servers are that all the technical support and formalities are operated by the internet service providers. So, no one needs to manage the activities by themselves. The managed dedicated servers are using the high-speed server as compared to the unmanaged dedicated servers. In the dedicated managed servers, hosting server is easily available whereas in unmanaged dedicated servers, it is not easily available. Even the customers can experience high security with these servers as compared to the unmanaged dedicated servers. Managed dedicated servers are easily available worldwide as compared to the unmanaged dedicated servers.

The Disadvantages of Managed Dedicated Server

The disadvantages of the Managed Dedicated Server is that the maintenance cost of the managed servers is quite high even in the startups so it is costlier than the unmanaged dedicated server. The clients don’t get the root admin access because the service providers are highly responsible for that. The clients get limited access and most of the things are operated by the managed dedicated servers. The disadvantage of unmanaged Server is that it is totally handled by the client and external sources are not involved in the technical support.

There are certain critical tasks such as network synchronization and configuration, which is quite a time taking. There are several dedicated server hosting available and it is used on the basis of the client’s requirements. 

Types of Dedicated Servers

Basic Dedicated Server Hosting: It is absolutely ideal for the enterprises which want to control the dedicated server and ideal for those organization which wants to run on their own and getting an option of installing a necessary softwares. It is available in both the windows and Linux dedicated server and it can run maximum websites and web applications.

Dedicated Server is required for those clients which has outgrown from a shared or reseller or VPS Hosting account for fulfilling their basic requirements. The client won’t require much RAM, Hard Disk and basic Operating System installed on the dedicated server.

High-End Dedicated Server Hosting: This is an another stage of the basic dedicated server hosting package where the client is expecting an awesome performance of the server as the client has understood that the requirements are pretty high which is then followed by a Quad Core Configuration. The setup of the dedicated servers is based on the client’s requirements and the requirements and selection varies with different clients.

Bandwidth Dedicated Server Hosting: For running a live audio video streaming website, the client will need a high specs server configuration and a good amount of bandwidth ranging from basic standard metered bandwidth per month to un-metered bandwidth of 100Mbps or 1Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth. The requirement of the data transfer is based on the kind of websites.

Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting: The client requires to be completely self-reliant as a web server administrator in an unmanaged dedicated server hosting. The client needs to be self-sufficient to install and manage the operating system, security applications, installing the software, installing and maintaining other web applications, upgrading the web applications and software periodically, restoring the system, applying patches, performing backups of the data, monitoring the system.

The service provider generally provides the vital tasks like the equipment for any hardware, web server, network-monitoring, monitoring the internet connectivity and connectivity related problems such as maintaining the reliable, highly secured and high-speed connectivity for the server. It is the main responsibility of the client to check the efficient operation of web server, operating system and web applications.

It is highly important as most of the organizations need a dedicated server to host their company’s website and showcase their products, services, email services and other important tasks for 24 hours and 365 days. The enterprise must make sure that the hardware and operating systems along with other applications helping the server to run thewebsite for 24 hours and 365 days.

What is Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a kind of Internet Web hosting in a single computer or a machine in a network designed and configured for fulfilling the specific needs of the organization in a rental and exclusive use of a computer which includes the Web Server, hosting, link forwarding, connection to the Internet, related software and housed in the Web hosting company’s premises.

The web hosting companies assert that when they use dedicated server in their premises, it helps them to save their router, security system, Internet connection and network administration costs. It is usually required for a Web Site developing a considerable amount of traffic as it handles almost 35 million hits per day. During the rental of a dedicated server, the client enterprise may be required to use a particular computer system but some host providers are allowing the host company for purchasing and installing their own computer server at the host provider’s location to get a better service.

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