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Things Must Know Before Picking Web Host

05/14/2018 12:00 AM by Ellys Kho in Hosting

Do the small, medium and large-scale enterprises want to show their website to other people, in order to do that you need to publish it with the web hosting service?

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a kind of service that is allowing the multinational companies and organizations to post their websites or web pages on the internet, basically providing space on the internet. A web host or a web hosting provider is a business that provides the technologies. It is a kind of business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or web pages to be viewed on the internet.

Websites are hosted or stored by different organizations or enterprises on the special computers are basically known as servers. When the active search engine users want to view the website, they simply need to type the company’s website address into their browser. The computer will definitely get connected to the server and the web pages will be delivered to them through the browser.

Basic Features of Web Hosting

Some of the basic features of web hosting are:

things must know before picking your web host

Disk Space

Generally, most of the web hosting accounts provide a certain amount of disk space that most of the organizations can use to store the web files. Well, it has been recommended that the organizations have some sort of estimations on what they need for different tasks- the amount of space they require for their emails, databases, and their web files etc. By breaking down the usage, they can better estimate how much space they should go for it.

Bandwidth or Data Transfer

In several cases, the web host can talk about the bandwidth or data transfer as they have referred it to the same entity. At a particular time, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be transferred. The organizations have to think it in a particular way that the bandwidths were behaving like a tunnel, the bigger the tunnel is the more cars can pass through it. So, it has been found that the data transfer is basically the number of cars that have been allowed to go through the tunnel in a given period of time.

Email Accounts

The most common feature of web hosting is Email Accounts and there are three main categories of email accounts-POP3, aliases, and forwarding.

According to the web hosting, POP3 accounts are the traditional boxes. Well, the organizations have enough space on the server to store their emails, and at the same time, they can generally use an email program to download their mail. Both the login and the password combination require only one account.

Well, forwarding mail accounts are equally useful if they are employing the service of another company to filter their emails, rather than storing their emails, which has been sent to the addresses are not recognized by their mail server.

FTP Access

After the organizations have created their web pages on the computer, they really need to transfer the files to their web server. The files which are transferred to the server with the use of FTP , it is also the protocol of downloading their web files from the server to the computer.

Website Creator and FTP

If any organization is creating their first website, then they can have limited or no scripting experience. They can look for a free web hosting provider that is providing a free website creating an application where they can create their website simply by choosing a simple template and adding it in their own image and text.

Support and Uptime

The organization basically has to choose a free web hosting service with free, reliable telephone and email support. Well, no host can be offered a 100%  guarantee uptime, they should provide “just-in-case” measures to limit website and email downtime to a minimal. These measures are including 24/7 server,  network configuration,  network monitoring, redundant hardware and onsite backup power supply. The people may not have to understand the technicalities of these,  if the web hosting provider has these listed somewhere on their website,  without being asked by them.


If the organizations are looking for a free web hosting provider, then the organizations are expected to pay absolutely nothing for all the basic features listed above. The organization shouldn’t have to compromise pricing with banner ads.

  1. The organizations should prepare a list why they want a website. Do they want a website because they want to share their writings or photos with their friends or their family members?
  2. When the organization is determined about the purpose of their website, then it becomes easy to cope with the suitable domain name.
  3. Are the organizations expecting a huge number of visitors every day? The ample bandwidth and disk space will be available on their shopping list if they have a lot of pictures and files to share it with their active visitors.
  4. When the organization understands what they need, they try to find a reputable web hosting service. They need to search for the free web service provider in the google.

Now that the importance of web hosting has been emphasized, so large, medium and small-scale business tycoons should think to invest some money in the web hosting to allure more customers and expand their business globally.

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