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The Best 10 SEO Tools List 2017

05/15/2017 10:39 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Every profession has its own tools that help achieve results faster, automate routine tasks or simply facilitate the work process. The Best SEO tools list grows even more. What SEO tools exist on the market, which ones are popular, how to choose the right? Here it the Top 10 best SEO tools List that had done a great job and put together lists of the most useful tools with a small description of their main features.

Top 10 Best SEO Tools List 2017

Best SEO Tools

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) is the main technical tool for Google's webmaster. You can quickly find and check the basic parameters of the site: the indexing of pages, duplicate analysis, security issues, and more. Google Webmaster Tools is the Best SEO Tools from the List ever created by Google Inc. With Google Search Console, you can quickly add new pages to the index list of search engines, track your keywords ranking, your backlinks and much more.

2. Google Analytics

One of the best SEO tools from the list. If you are seriously engaged in web development, Google Analytics must be configured. The main useful feature of Google Analytics is the ability to analyze each individual page conversion for each channel.

3. ScreamingFrog

ScreamingFrog allows to check up the site as search engine robot. Perfect for the analysis of large sites to identify pages with errors. Unlike many other desktop programs of SEO, ScreamingFrog is also available for Mac owners, you can check up to 500 URL addresses.

4. Google PageSpeed Insights

Check the download speed via Google PageSpeed Insights. This tools not only shows the speed of the page but also tells you how to increase it. You can check the speed of the site for mobile devices and desktop.


W3 Validator is the best tool to check the validity of the layout of your site. Use this tool to quickly identify errors in HTML layout of the site and eliminate them.

6. Pingdom Website Speed Tool

Pingdom - a free service that will show the download speed of your website in seconds, the average weight of the pages. scale performance will be specified for each page. The tool provides recommendations for accelerating the site.

7. SimilarWeb

A tool for the analysis of sources of traffic to websites and applications. With SimilarWeb you can analyze site traffic distribution between the channels (direct, referral, search, social networking, email, advertising); countries; search phrases. Compare sites to each other on the above parameters. Information sources and the amount of traffic to any website.

8. Google Trends

Google Trends - a tool for the analysis of search queries in popularity on Google. A good source for forecasting seasonality for any business. With Google Trends, you can learn the dynamics of seasonality and the popularity of search terms (country or city; data from 2004), find similar requests; learn latest trends on the Internet, in other word Google Trends is The Best SEO Tools in the List for webmasters to finds latest trending in search engines.

9. WordStream

Tools for working with keywords. With WordStream you can find and simply access keywords, perform the analysis. Find the keys to reducing the negative costs of PPC campaigns.


A tool for Keyword selection and analysis of keywords. Using the Keyword Tool, you can find the low key queries that users are looking for in Google, Bing. Search is available in different languages in different regions.

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