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Keywords Research: Step by Step To Research your Keywords

12/18/2016 8:52 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Before starting, allow me to ask you. How can you define keywords? If I had to answer that, then I would have said Keywords refers to those phrases or words that are significant in the context. Keyword gives a short idea about the important topic. If I say keyword represents an article, it wouldn't be false. So, you can understand that keywords are very important to the content of the article. Do you know that these keywords have a great importance in Search Engine Optimization? SEO keywords are the phrases or words in the content of your web that helps the searchers to find your respective web page through search engines.

Today my article is not about Keywords, but it's about keyword research. So, what’s that? For those who are not aware of the term, let me give you a short introduction. According to me, Keywords is the pillar for SEO. Use of these Keywords by searchers for the purpose of searching and research real search terms that they enter in the search engine is termed as Keyword researchers. A real search term can be proved to be helpful for those who have knowledge in it. They can help to inform market strategy or content strategy overall.

Do you know that SEO experts made research on these keywords? Yes, that’s true. SEO experts mainly do keyword research for the purpose of getting better ranking in the search engine. If you are an expert in this field, then you must agree that ranking for the correct keyword can represent the deciding moment of your site. Keyword research can be considered as the high return activity. By inquiring about the right keyword that is sought after in your market, can let you know which catchphrases to target and also a little knowledge about your customers. After finding a mihrab keyword, they try to extend it by finding similar keywords. Certain tools act as a Keyword Research tools. Some of the names of such tools are Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Word stream’s Keyword Research tool, Fresh Key Soovle, Ubersuggest and Search term/ Query Reports. Though once Google Adwords Keyword Planner was very famous but in recent times with the advent of many other tools, the earlier has diminished its fan taking after. So, here I have provided a table that can differentiate between the two;

Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool Other Keyword Tools
This tool was brought to the market by Google. This acts as a suggestion tool that can result in external Keyword. This tool proves to be a wow for the beginners. Google’s Adwords Keyword research tool creates a list of keywords for the said website. This keyword tool comes absolutely free. You have to create an account in order to access it. If you do want to know that how do this work? To be very precise to this question I would like to say, that if you enter a phrase or a keyword then it will result in a list of similar keywords and with addition some traffic data. The back drop of this tool is that it did not tell what can be done with the Keywords or even how to organise these keywords into a structure. Other Keyword tools may come absolutely free or can charge a little for the software. These software's not only provide you with a group of related keywords but also help you to group them on a common theme for the purpose of launching. Whereas some give you a sorted keyword based on the popularity of your web page. There is a tool called Soovle which can give you the provision to search from the most typed keywords on various search engines with the keyword you provide in it. Another advantage of Soovle is that if you type down your idea then it can provide you with an auto-generated idea of its own. Another software name as Competitor source code helps you by giving the information like what meta keywords are used by your competitors for better ranking.


Several keyword research tools can be proved to be very fruitful for your website. Now a day, Freshkey and Ubersuggest are creating a good result among the users. You must be pondering that how can keyword research be done? So, here I am providing you with a few points that can be of your utility;

1. List making of topics

There are certain topics in each business that are frequently used for your business meetings or in a sales conversation. You can get certain topics if you ask the question yourself like what do you know about your respective business, or what does your customers asks from you? So, take a paper and pencil and just jot down those points or topics.

2. Finding the Keywords

Once you have jotted down all the topics try to find the relevant keywords for the topics. Try to find out which keyword phrases a targeted customer search for in the search engine result pages. This keyword should attract the customers towards your web page. If you want a shortcut then here is that. You can just click in Google Analytics tool to find out those keywords for which your website is as of now getting found for.

high traffic site

3. Search for more keywords

Next search for more such type of keywords. You can use for this purpose. Have you ever notice that when you type a certain word in the search area you will see certain related keywords scrolling down these can give you a suggestion about some keywords.

search related to keyword research tool

4. Mixture of head terms and long tail terms

Here comes the usage of long tail keywords which are longer phrases that may contain more than two words. On the other hand head terms relate to those phrases that are shorter yet generic. So, it is necessary that your keyword should be the mixture of two that can provide you with a short win and long goals. As head terms are shorter, it is used more often used and can provide you with a better result. But it is prescribed by experts that your keywords should be a mixture of head terms as well as long tail terms.

long tail keywords

5. Competitors ranking

Though I am not telling that the keywords that are essential for your competitors should be important for you but it can definitely give you an idea. Let’s take a keyword that is important for your competitors and its there on your list. So, what should you do? You must try to improve your website ranking for those. This can also help you in owning the market share for important terms. It will, also helps you in maintaining a balance in head terms and long tail terms.

spy your competitor keywords ranking

6. Use of Keyword researchers’ tools.

Once you are done with your respective list of keywords, here it's time to cut down your list. So, put your list in any of the Keyword research tools and carry on the process. You will get a fresh list of keywords that can be more valuable for your business.

Always re-evaluate these keywords once in a quarter of the year. I hope that if you follow this process you will definitely get a list of keywords that can bring fortune to your business .

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