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Important Element Before you Designing your Web

07/19/2017 10:30 PM by Ellys Kho in Web development

Web design strategies are continually changing. What is popular one minute may be unpopular the next. However, certain web design strategies become core design philosophies. If you want the websites you are designing to be current, you will want to implement the latest design strategies when they are first developed and in high demand.

Understanding the latest web designs are essential to staying ahead of the game and standing out as a web design master. The current ideology is that social integration, simplicity, speed, and reliability are the most important metrics of website design. Complex and confusing websites are underperforming while straightforward and easy to use websites are in fashion. The following design elements are expected to become core design strategies.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project was launched as an effort to help spur web designers into creating lighting fast loads for mobile devices. If you have not created an AMP page for your website, you need to do so today.

AMP practices involve designing web pages using AMP HTML. AMP HTML only includes the necessary elements needed for a web page. Things such as video tags and java slow down the load speeds and should be avoided.

The AMP HTML pages will be stored on Google's AMP Cache server where they can be optimized and pre-rendered before it is loaded to the user's mobile device. This helps mobile sites load faster than traditional web pages. Google gives AMP HTML pages priority when an internet search is done using a mobile device.

As people become accustomed to these fast loading pages, they are going to quit navigating to slower web pages. Designers must learn how to create web pages using AMP HTML if they are going to stay relevant in today's mobile based technological environment. If you do not begin using this on all of your websites, the web pages may lose mobile traffic, which will decrease the effectiveness and profitability of your websites.

Covert Advertising Methods

Banner ads are annoying and are quickly losing favor among web designers. Instead, new covert forms of advertising are being utilized. Consumers now use add-ons to block most advertisements from even showing up on a web page. The top web designers are realizing that banner ads are no longer relevant.

Covert advertisements are now located within the content of a web page. Advertising blockers do not have the ability to block textual recommendations of products. Furthermore, this type of advertisements is seen in a more positive light than banner advertisements by internet users.

Covert advertisements make web design easier for web designers as they no longer have to worry how advertisement will interfere with the design scheme of a web page. As more advertisers realize the advantage to in-text advertisements, they will begin spending more money on creating high-quality content that gets visitors to make a purchase.

Social Media Comments Are Great For Business

Social media is now the go-to method that everyone is using to search for information and shop. People are using social media outlets to book hotels, shop for shoes and clothing and even order food. Integrating social media plug-in, such as Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter is a great way to bring a website into the 21st century.

Commenting on posts, sharing opinions and the like is one of the core concepts of social media. Many websites allow visitors to comment on their website by relying on their website's own commenting system. However, most people would prefer to use a social media account to post comments and share information of your website.

Incorporating the ability to comment using a social media account is the best way to increase readership engagement. In addition to this, it will increase a website's exposure and use social media plug-ins allow visitors to share your web pages with their followers, which increases your market and exposure.

Other Considerations

In the ever changing world of web design, some design elements never go out of style. These Web Design elements include a responsive web design and using images. According to the experts, these design philosophies will be around for a long time.

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