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Hyperlink - What is Hyperlink and usefulness of it?

02/15/2017 11:45 PM by Ellys Kho in Web development

While surfing the internet or reading a content on the internet you must have come across many colorful words that when clicked takes to another page of a separate website or can take you to another page of the same website. Can you guess what are these links called? These links are called hyperlinks. I9t can be defined as the link that takes you from a document that is hypertext to some other location. It is activated when clicked on the highlighted image or word. In computing language it can be stated as a link that is a reference to a data which on clicking or tapping or by hovering can take you to another location. Readers follow the link of one page and thus lands into the destination page. Hyperlinks can point to a specific document or to a whole document of the same page or of a different page. The text that contains hyperlinks is termed as hypertext. On clicking the hypertext, it takes you to a destination text that is being linked.

This text is called anchor text. Software that is being used for creating or viewing of the hypertext is called the hypertext software. A visitor who follows the hyperlink is said to be browsing or navigating in the hypertext. Links that takes you from one page to another is called hyperlink. The text or the document that contains a hyperlink is called source document. One of the uses of a hyperlink can be stated as an implementation of the reference mechanism that generally includes letters, glossaries, indexes, bibliography and table of contents. Bidirectional hyperlinks can also be done that is followed in more than one direction or more specific two directions. His two ends acts as an anchor text and also a target. Many to many links also exist. Experts have managed to create more complex arrangements. Generally, the hyperlink effect varies with hypertext system. Different hypertext system does have a different effect of hypertext. It also sometimes depends on the quality of the link that connects one page with the other. Visitors often click on the hyperlinks.

Web crawlers or spiders often found it helpful. Due to hyperlinks, web crawlers or spiders can visit all the pages that your webpage contains. To say it more clearly. When a web spider or crawler faces a hyperlink they follow the link and thus get themselves landed in the other page thus exploring the whole website. IN this way the website is fully crawled by the spider thus doing a better ranking of the website. This makes the work of the crawler easier. The webmaster also gains as he knows that neither any of the page is left to crawl, provided if linked properly

Hyperlink in HTML

Hyperlinks can be used in different categories based on the technology used. Some of them are;

  • HTML Hyperlinks
  • XML Hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinks in other documents
  • Virtual worlds hyperlinks
  • Wikis hyperlinks

HTML hyperlink can be termed as the links that can carry you from one page to another page of the same website or a different website. The texts that are hyperlinked are called the hypertext and can be identified as highlighted documents. Neither only documents are heightened or hyperlinked, some images can be hyperlinked.

sample of hyperlink in html document

This link do help in ranking of the page in the search engine result page of the SERPs as if hyperlinked properly neither page is unseen by the web spiders or crawler. Hyperlinks help in a proper ranking of the page. One user can thus follow the hyperlinks provided in HTML document to get into another page of the same document or the different document. A hyperlink image can direct you to a document page whereas a hyperlink text can also direct you to an image that is being hyperlinked. Hyperlinked thus help the users to gain the full knowledge about what the website wants to tell. Webmasters while creating a website takes on the account that neither of their pages is being left out from being hyperlinked. They do help in rank of the page.

When hyperlinked properly, webmasters get assured that their websites are being properly crawled and thus also help in ranking of the page. A hyperlink document thus can connect you to a document that does contain some of the valuable information or contents. Hyperlinks can be bi-directional that can take you to two different location. This location is known as anchors. When some other websites in their hypertext document link to your web page or site, your site get6s utmost profit. As other visitors of the destination page will visit your page and thus if provided with a quality content can gain utmost popularity. The more popular a website, the more it will gain links that is other will also link to your website and thus the ranking of the page gets higher. Your business gets profit from this.

How to create a hyperlink in HTML

Creating a hyperlink in HTML document is not that difficult. It contains a number of tags. If the tags are placed properly, you can be successful in creating hyperlinks. Some of the tags of HTML to create a hyperlink are as follows, Syntax of the hyperlink text can be;

<a href=””>Sample of Hyperlink in HTML</a>
  • Opening tag for the anchor document. < a is known as the anchor opening document. This includes reference of hyperlink such as href=”””” to the page URL. The URL is provided in the quotations.
  • The > sign denotes the closing of the tag of the anchor opening.
  • By seeing a hyperlink tag you can easily understand where it is pointing to. It is not that difficult to understand whether you are a software guy or not.
  • These hyperlink texts are colored in blue and contain an underline. You can easily identify them with the help of the color. When you click on the text it will connect you to the destination page.
  • The tag is used for closing the hyperlink code. After the closing of the tag whatever you write is meaningless.

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