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Page Speed Time: How to improve page load speed

12/24/2016 1:30 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Do you prefer such a page that takes too much time to get loaded on the computer? No obviously not. Whether you are doing online shopping or any other online transaction, you always want that the site you are on should open up quickly as well as give you your desired result in the fastest time. Aren’t I am right? No matter who we are and what we are all of our thinking matches in this case. Sometimes we often mix up site speed with that of page speed load time. They are completely different from one another. Page Speed load time refers to the time that the page takes to completely display its content in the website. Often termed as the time to first byte it’s can be referred to as the time taken by your browser to fetch the information from the web server.

Advantages of High Page Speed Loading Sites

A faster load page speed is always preferred by all and users try to use them frequently. It is also seen that a faster page can also gain in rank in SERP. Just answer me, why do we build a website? The answer is for satisfying the users. A fast site always impresses the visitors and attracts them in visiting the site again, thus increasing the rank of the website in the search engine. Today with so many helpful sites, one can easily leave a web page (with a slow page speed loading) and easily clicks the other. If you are deliberating that how can a delay in page loading brings loss to your business then I would like to say that in a recent survey it has been seen that:

  • Site hit will get reduce by 11%,
  • Consumer loyalty gets less by 16%, and
  • Transformations get lower by 7%.

So, don’t ignore the page loading speed of your web page, it can take your business high up in the sky as well as can take you to hell as well.

Are you wondering that how can you check whether your webpage has a high page loading speed or not? If yes, then let me inform you that there are several WebPages that allows you to test your webpage speed. Google also provide one such type of tool. Here I am presenting with a difference between Google page speed tool and other page loading speed tool available in the market;

Google's Page Speed Tool and the others

Google Page Speed tool Other Page Speed tool
Known as Google page speed is a free tool that ranks your website on the basis of its performance. As said earlier that it comes absolutely free. This test page doesn’t tell about the actual load time of your webpage but it can help you by telling you about different ways by which the performance and speed of the website can be improved. It uses 30 such ways to analyze. You just need to enter your URL in the space provided and press the analyze button. Your work is done in a couple of seconds. Another great advantage is that it can also carry out a test for mobile pages too. There are a variety of these sites that can be useful as a page loading tool. Often they come free. Some of them show the load time of your specified web page and can provide you with a grade based on the performance. Like Google Page Speed Tool, some can also give you advice to improve your respective web page. There is another one that shows your web page load time with the addition to 6 various performance grades. This software comes absolutely free. There is a web page called WebPagetest that gives you the option to select the current residing country name. This can help you to track your web page speed across the world. To name some such type of page loading test site are WebPagetest, Pingdom. GTmetrix and much more to name.

Here I am trying to provide you with some tips that cab proved to be helpful for improving the page loading speed of your web page;

1. Reducing the HTTP requests

Does your specific web page contain a lot of on- page components? Do you that this component reduces the page speed loading of the web page? Yes, you heard it right. Elements like images, scripts, stylesheets, Flash etc made a request for HTTP each, so this generates a greater number of the on-page component that leads to the page to load slowly. How can you overcome this? A clean solution to this is use CSS rather than images. Secondly, you can combine all stylesheets into a single one. Thirdly you can also reduce the number of scripts and place them at lower bottom of your web page.

2. Minimize Response time of server

What is the server response time for your server? If it is less than 200ms then your web page is all good at this point, you can move to point 3. If not so, then try to maintain a server response time of less than 200ms. You can look at the web application monitoring solution by Google that can help you with your problem in a better way.

reduce your server response time to increase your page speed

3. Use Gzip Compression

High-quality content pages are of more than 100kbin size. This makes the page slow to load. One solution to this that experts prefer is zipping them by a technique known as compression. You must be wondering what this compression does. Compression less the bandwidth of the respective web page thus that reduce the HTTP response. How can you do this? There is a tool available in the market called Gzip. This tool will help you in so.

gzip compression to improve your page speed loading

4. Redirects reducing

If you want that your web page has a high page load speed then just try to reduce the redirects. Redirects create HTTP requests that can increase the loading time of your webpage. If your page is a responsive one then you already have redirects that take users of mobile from your respective main website to responsive one.

reducing redirects in wordpress

Please, Guys, don’t there is no use of your high website if the page takes too much time in loading. So, I will just try to recommend you to follow these steps in order to increase the speed of the page.

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