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How to Find New Topics for News Blog

02/17/2019 12:00 AM by Melisa Marzett in Seo

Successful topics for a blog can be a decisive factor in its success, and unsuccessful themes will almost inevitably lead to failure. In this regard, one of the most pressing issues of content marketing: how to find new topics and how to do it right? The answer is keyword research.

Why is it important to research keywords

  • The three-step process
  • Step one: find common subject categories
  • Step two: define an expanded list of favorite topics
  • Step Three: Analyze Topics Using AdWords Planner
  • Paid tools and services

Why is it important to research keywords

Keyword research uncovers people's real interests. Long before the advent of search engines and the Internet, marketing specialists and journalists were doing precisely the same thing. They conducted surveys, read a lot, communicated and conducted research to understand what people are interested — the information they used to create content that meets the needs of the audience.

News Blog

This strategy was beneficial both to the content creators themselves and to the people for whom this content was. Today, of course, such studies continue. But if the essence of these studies has not changed, then the technical component differs dramatically. Now it is mainly the study of keywords and queries within SEO.

The process of three steps

The process of selecting good topics for a blog consists of three steps. It will take:

  • Find common subject categories in the area of interest;
  • Get a list of topics in these categories;
  • To analyze the popularity of the issues and competition for each of them.

Consider the sequence of actions on a specific example. Suppose there is a company “Order Flowers” that delivers flowers to order. It is necessary to organize a blog to attract interested visitors.

Step one: find common subject categories.

The easiest way to find common subject categories is to go to profile websites that already have authority in their niche and research them. You can try such requests as "Order flowers," "Flowers to order," "Flower shop."

Use the "related" command. It is straightforward to use. First, in the search line, you need to type the word "related," and then after the colon - the website address of the topic of interest. The search results will display websites that are similar to the specified "sample." Now you can explore these websites for the main thematic categories. By the way, for this, it is not necessary to visit each of the websites. To delve into the analysis of one of them, use another search command: "website."

The search results will reflect articles from the blog of the specified website. It allows you to explore the content of the site directly from the search engine, which saves time.

Ultimately, you need to get a list similar to this:

  • Bouquet
  • Give flowers
  • Order flowers
  • Symbols of colors
  • Flowers for the holiday

In total, we have a list of the most common topics in the area of interest.

Step two: get an extended list of favorite topics

Type in a search engine one keyword or phrase from the list that was in the previous step. But do not press the input - instead, pay attention to the search engine prompts. To gather enough information, try typing a keyword or phrase and one letter of the alphabet. First, you need to dial "a bouquet a," then "a bouquet b" and so on, up to the letter z."

The result is a solid list of favorite topics. This list, depending on the subject matter and the search engine, can consist of from one to several hundred possible options. We reduce it, eliminating inappropriate results. At this step, of course, you can use special services for the selection of keywords that will help you very quickly unload critical phrases for which the rating of specific sites is.

Step Three: Analyze Topics with the AdWords Planner

At the end should remain only those of them, which, on the one hand, are popular, but, on the other - do not have much competition. What in this case is meant by competition? It is not the number of pages in search results. Preferably, it is their quality in the TOP.

In the competition topics, there is a struggle for leadership, with the result that the quality and degree of optimization of pages here increases dramatically. Website owners invest time and effort in creating quality content, buying backlinks, SEO optimization and promotion. If you do not have the necessary additional budget, then writing a blog on such topics is entirely not profitable.

One of the most accessible ways to analyze keywords for popularity and competition is to test them using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. On the main page of the service, in the field "Specify one or several values," insert the list of keywords and phrases that were in the previous step. Then click "Get Options."

After that, a page will open where you can find all the necessary information. Pay particular attention to two columns: "Average number of requests per month" and "Level of competition." The table can be imported into CSV format (Excel) and saved to a computer for future use. In this case, we took 25 popular queries, from which the Google AdWords keyword planner found more than 700 suitable topics for the blog. Each subject has an estimated number of requests per month and the level of competition.

So the study is complete. At this point, we have all the necessary information to create high-quality content that will consistently attract targeted traffic to the website. We achieved the goal.

Paid tools and services

Search for winning topics for the blog, and we conducted using free tools. But there are much more complex and professional tools and techniques. Should I subscribe to paid tools or order the services of SEO-specialists? It is a vital question, and the answer to it depends on the situation. If the website is your hobby, or you try your hand as a blogger, then you can probably do. But if you want to do business online, this approach is a must.

Content brings traffic, and if you know how to handle this traffic, you will have an income. Sometimes even one successful article can bring income that will cover the costs of a paid keyword research service. The same logic is valid for ordering paid services from SEO specialists.

About the author:

Melisa Marzett is a former journalist who does not see her life without writing. Writing for currently, she elaborates on many topics. She is curious by nature, which makes it to where she has this live spirit in her writing.

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