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How to Choose Web Directory for submission?

03/21/2017 11:53 AM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Before going on to the above topic, it is needed to know what a directory in computing and about web directory. So to start with, what is a directory? A file system that contains other files references on the computer is known as a directory in simple computing languages. It can be compared with that of a file cabinet in a simple office. Second on the topic is web directory? Commonly known as the link directory, is a World Wide Web’s directory where data collected are arranged into categories. Web directories can be no way compared to that of the search engine and it does not contains any list of WebPages based on that of the keywords used for better ranking of the page in the search engine. It contains of website list that are arranged in category and again in a subcategory. Web directories help in other website linking and thus categorizing the links. Thus web directories are those directories that have a collection of different resources. It has a huge collection of site’s links that are categorized in different categories. In any directory the lists are being organized in order, here the web directory is nothing dissimilar to that. It also has list organized in order mainly in alphabetic so for the utility of the users so that they can browse easily through it. Web crawlers or spiders do not crawl the web directories but it is mainly used by the human beings. Web directories are categories as a whole not only one page of the website or any keyword set. It do also had a search function so as to facilitate the users in search for a page from the bulk of pages to browse through. As a web directory is used by the humans so it is edited and updated by the humans only and the spiders are not allowed to gather URLs over in a web directory. All the URLs that are present in a web directory are gathered by the humans only. As the web directories are maintained by the human beings so there is a lesser chance that any page will be categorized in the wrong category. So, there must be some human always present in order to update the web directory.

How to Choose Web Directory for submission?

There are thousands of directories present on the World Wide Web. Some of the examples of the web directories are;

  • DMOZ – Popularly known as the Directory Mozilla is an open directory that is being used since 1999. It can be edited by the humans. It is considered as the largest online web directories that are managed by the global community volunteer editors. (Since 14-03-2017, is shut down)
  • Yahoo – Second on the list is the Yahoo web directory, it is also a very common directory on the web that is used as a general search directory. (Yahoo Directory is no longer available.)
  • Bloghints - is the one of old testament web directory, established in 2006 and still active until now.

These three directories are considered as the most important web directories worldwide but some other directories that are being used are The Best of the Web, Jasmine Directory, The Environmental Directory, The Radio Directory and The Search Engines Directory. All wide popular web directories had various types of functions like The Environmental Directory contains all the links that are from the environmental sites and The Radio Directory consist of the worldwide radio station directory.

Working on the Web Directory

As said earlier that the web directories are being managed by the humans and not by any software. Web sites are generally organized in the web directory by subject. These sites are being categorized in the form of menus and categories. A web directory does not contain that much data as that of a database in the search engine. Sites can get into the directory by two ways; one can be that the web editor gets into including the site into the directory or simply in a faster way can be that the site is submitted by the owner himself. There are certain factors if present should not be submitted in the web directory;

  • Directory that has low-rank page and trust
  • Directory that has low name age domain
  • The directory that has a poor structure of the URL, page indexing and page caching.

How to Choose Web Directory for submission?

There are certain factors you need to look at before choosing any web directories;

  • Choose any directory that is being indexed in the search engine. This will help the user to find any website submitted to it more quickly, in order case if the website is not indexed then there is a chance that the submitted website is not likely to be found by the user which search in the search engine for it.
  • Now it needed to note that the time span the web spiders crawl through the directory. It is very important for a website to be crawled often by the search spider for the better ranking of the website in the SERP. So, if the directory is not crawled often then there is a lesser chance that the website in that directory is being crawled often.
  • Age of the directory plays a vital role here. An older directory is said to have earned immense trust and so submitting the website on such a directory will surely put you one step ahead.
  • Links can play a vital role for you in selecting the web directory. Make sure that there aren’t any broken links present in the directory as this will make you better understand whether the directory is well maintained or not. Do need to check for the backlinks that tell that whether the web directory is popular and decent.
  • Do need to have a look at the content of the directory, Make sure that the directory on which you are planning to submit the website has original valuable content in it.
  • Never do submit the website in the web directory that contains too much advertisements.
  • The public relation value gets higher if there are lesser links present on the each of the different categories in a directory.
  • The directory should be connected to the submitted website’s keywords.

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