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Google Accelerated Mobile Pages and Wordpress?

05/14/2017 6:55 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Hey, Folks!

As you are pretty aware that “Google“ always keeps on experimenting with new technology trends that could be beneficial for users. So, keeping its legacy it has started a new concept called Accelerated Mobile Pages i.e AMP and this thing is making news these days.

This post explains what actually AMP is and how it can be beneficial for users like us, who should implement it and why. This AMP concept actually emerged from the fact that nowadays people are being more used to mobile phones and tablets rather than laptops and desktops. They are generally using mobile phones for their day to day searches.

Today we all spend a lot of time on our mobile phones. We are always in a hurry to get our results of searches in the minimum possible time. This is the only reason that is letting companies develop things that take the least time to load so they cannot lose their user base. The AMP provides specifications for building web pages that load quickly and are well optimized for mobile phones.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages works only for mobile devices. When you are not searching any topic, website, blogs on mobile it has nothing to do with AMP. It won’t show you AMP content in those cases other than mobile devices.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages consist of three different parts:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML: It contains extensions for building rich content than conventional HTML.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages JS Library: It ensures the fast rendering of HTML pages.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages CDN: It delivers the AMP HTML pages.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages for Wordpress

Now the question that is ticking your mind is, how to use it with Wordpress, is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages fit for your business. Well, your question is obvious because of most of the websites and blogs run on WordPress only. Installing Google Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress is not that tough, so there is no need to panic upon this topic

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages for wordpress

1. First of all, you have to install a plugin which is provided by Automattic. It enables Google Accelerated Mobile Pages for your website, required no knowledge to do it.

2. After installing and activating the plugin you will not notice any changes to your website except for the fact that a new tag is added to HTML on single post pages and an addition of an /amp/ in URL of your single post pages.

3. The worth noticing point here is that there are no options in wp-admin to customize your web page for AMP enabled websites. If you want to do any experiment then you have to deal with the coding part which is obviously not everyone’s cup of tea.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin Features

  • Automatically integrateAMP to your website.
  • Google Analytics support.
  • User-friendly themes.
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • Image logo upload.
  • Great support on all social media platforms.
  • Separate Wordpress menu for AMP versions.
  • Nice designs.
  • Support posts.
  • Great support and active development.

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages in Wordpress Works?

Currently, the plugin works only with posts. The use of Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is not widened up to now. It is still in experimental phase. So we cannot predict its behavior in near future. All we know is that it makes content delivery faster on mobile devices. The AMP template only displays only 32 x 32 image. You must have to shrink down your logo for this. AMP templates don't have a menu or footers or sidebars. You may have to make changes in functions.php.

It is also worth noticing that Pages and Archives are not currently supported. Pages support work is still in progress. Also, this plugin creates AMP content but it doesn’t mean that it displays it to users when they browse through mobile devices. This is handled by AMP consumers such as Google itself.

Troubleshooting Google Accelerated Mobile Pages for Wordpress

The trouble that you may face using this plugin that it may conflict with other plugins. If you want to check that everything is fine or not then simply add this code to the end of your AMP URL.


Then using right click and inspect element you can see the console, if everything is fine then you will get clear validations. If you don’t then you have to do more changes.

What does Google Accelerated Mobile Pages mean for SEO?

According to some sources “AMP is not directly a search engine ranking factor and sites that adopt AMP won’t get a massive boost in search ranking”

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages for Wordpress SEO

Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is a totally new concept and still in experimenting phase. As it is meant for only mobile devices it can affect SEO positively as well as negatively but definitely not that much negative because it has nothing to do with devices other than mobile. It creates a responsive version of the websites that is stripped off the ads With AMP one can get rid of unnecessary stuff and provide their user with exact and accurate things. So it totally depends on what kind of websites you have.

So, friends this Google Accelerated Mobile Pages concept is still finding its pace to capture market but you should always be ready for the changes that are happening day to day. Having knowledge about upcoming things is a treasure to be preserved.

Let us see in near future how is this concept of Google starts affecting various websites revenues. Till then you all keep on learning new things and be updated always.

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