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Dominate the SERPs with Simple Steps

04/11/2017 10:54 PM by Ellys Kho in Seo

Until now many spamming activities is gone that mean google work hard has been successfully growing into sweet fruit by punishing websites who violate their guidelines, they want to keep competition of online business fair and square no matter how big their size in search engine results or organic ranking result, even the fact still many webmasters dreamed want to get rank on the first page of search engine result pages.

These people who being punished are not understood Google Search Engine have set guidelines for webmasters about what prohibited to do and what thing you can do when optimizing your websites, They will give penalize to anyone who is caught try to manipulate organic ranking result, and those will take some time to recover penalized websites into line. To avoid punishment we need to understand some simple rules before you start to create a website and optimize it.

Build Good Backlinks

Indeed Backlinks is one of many important aspects to dominate search engine results but SEO (search engine optimization) is more than about build a lot backlinks with targeted keywords for your website, because your greed want to dominate top ranking on search engine results and beat your business competitors, until now many websites and webmasters suffered losing their organic ranking and traffic (visitors) because employing aggressive link building tactics for their websites, Google want to see quality, not quantity. Here some link builds guidelines that you need to follow:

  • Try to get related topic backlinks from related niche websites.
  • Do not overly your keyword anchor text.
  • Avoid linking from adult sites and penalized sites.
  • Avoid linking from poor quality web directory and social bookmarking.
  • Do not try to purchase links.
  • Do not join in link networks or PBN.

Avoid Keywords Stuffing

avoid at all cost keywords stuffing on your site

Indeed back then using this technique by stuffing and mention their keywords continuously on their content gain good ranking on SERP but using this technique may cause you losing your loyal visitors and they not satisfied with your contents, this method no longer gives your benefits but only harming your reputation. So your keywords density on content no more than 2% - 3% from your article words and see tips how to avoid it:

  • Avoid to use same keywords over and over, see what Matt Cutts said about it on this video.
  • Use word synonymous to your keywords (e.g. if your keyword is "beautiful hair" then use the synonym like "smooth hair").

Creating High-Quality Content

Today online marketing industry is highly competitive and only way to win the competition is creating high-quality content and grab visitors interest, it's not like couple years ago which posting new content every day will keep your sites fresh and enough to get rank because of this many people write 400 - 500 word article and recreate them using article spinner tools also today users engagement and activity is considerable as one of rank factor. So check this out how to create stunning articles:

  • Know your visitors looking for.
  • Find a popular topic and do a research about it, if the topic already provided by your competitors, then you can reproduce it uniquely and try not to imitate your competitors.
  • Include some authentic image or video related with your topic to support it.
  • Watch your content spelling and grammar.

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