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Conclusion of Test Page Load Speed with VPS Hosting

05/30/2017 10:16 PM by Ellys Kho in Hosting

Hi Guys,

Here I want to share the result and experiment of my test page loading speed before using VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) and after using it. For 4 years I have been using shared hosting for all my sites which in results I'm pretty satisfied with the performances regarding in price, support teams, and usefulness but after thinking again, and again I realize that my sites couldn't improve to the new level if it still stuck in Shared Hosting, which Shared Hosting has limited growth. So I decide to move all my sites into A2Hosting VPS at Apr 26, 2017.

Test page Load Speed Experiments

Everyone know that "Page Load Speed" is very important aspect and at Friday, April 09, 2010 Google also said that Page Loading Speed become one of their search ranking factors:

We encourage you to start looking at your site's speed (the tools above provide a great starting point) — not only to improve your ranking in search engines, but also to improve everyone's experience on the Internet. - Google Blog. APR 09, 2010

Because of it, I have conduct experiment to test my page load speed after and before using A2Hosting VPS comes with two criteria with 2 different sites:

  • A Page that contains a lot of Javascript files with moderate HTTP Request.
  • A Page that contains a lot of Image Files and CSS files with HTTP request over than 100 requests.
  • The Sites hosting server is located in United States, Texas.
  • The Tester server is located in Canada, Vancouver.
  • Test Page Load Speed will conduct by using GTMetrix tool.

First, Bloghints Test Page Load Speed

The test subject is, fully page load speed time is 8.2 second, page size is 805 KB, and HTTP request is 78.

Bloghints Page Load Speed test with shared hosting

After moved to the VPS Hosting, actually fully page load time reduced to 4,4 second with same page size and HTTP request at APR 26, 2017.

bloghints page load speed test with VPS hosting

Second, Test Page Load Speed

The test subject is, this site contains about 50 Image files back then without combining them into single sprite file, so this site fully page load speed time is 2.6 second, size is 628 KB, and HTTP requests is 99.

myseotools page load speed test with shared hosting

After moving to the VPS Hosting, this site fully page load time increase to 2,8 second with page size 637KB, and HTTP requests is 100 at APR 27, 2017. Its seem the results slowing down after moving to the VPS hosting, but after re-evaluating the result again, after moving to the VPS Hosting, the image files become 51, HTTP requests 100 and the page size more 9 KB than before, which my conclusion is the site faster than before using A2Hosting VPS.

myseotools page load speed test with VPS hosting

Final Thought for Test Page Load Speed Results

For sites with slower loading speed, will lose their opportunity gain higher ranking in search engine results pages which mean it will affect their sales conversion.

Google’s latest research shows that the chance of a bounce increases 32% when the page load time goes from 1s to 3s. 1s to 5s increases the chance to 90% and if your site takes up to 10s to load, the chance of a bounce increases to 123%. That’s incredible. For search engines, better results and performance is a sign of a healthy site that pleases customers and therefore should be rewarded with a higher ranking. - Yoast APR 04, 2017.

So, better if you conduct test page load speed time for your sites to identify the problem and solve it faster as you can before your sites losing their current ranking and losing the opportunity gain higher ranking. As for me moving from Shared Hosting to VPS Hosting it wise choice that I made, even thought it costly.

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