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15 Free Social Media Marketing Tools

01/18/2017 9:30 PM by Ellys Kho in Internet marketing

A day without social media… Next to impossible. There are a vast number of companies that are using these sites for the marketing of their business. Popularly known as the social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that use the social networking sites for the purpose of marketing their product. Social media marketing aims at producing contents that users may share at their networking sites to increase the company’s customer reach.  Social media marketing is very easy and a quick process.

15 Free Social Media Marketing Tools

There are a variety of tools available that can help in managing the social media marketing task. From graphic design applications to multi-program scheduling to blog idea generators, these tools have proved to be of immense help for the users. Here are lists of 15 free Social media marketing tools that can prove to be beneficiary for you;

Buffer:  In social media marketing it is prescribed to post frequently. This needs a lot of time and effort. The number of the post should be fixed. These posts can be the key towards establishing a successful business. Buffer social media marketing tool acts as a scheduling app. This tool permits you to set a time to when you want to post and where to post and it does the posting automatically according to the time you have selected. Buffer allows you to add one account from each of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn


Hootsuite: Hootsuite is more or less like Buffer. It also allows you to set the time of your post and does the work automatically. Its additional feature that makes it different is that it will make it possible for you to combine all the social platforms that you are using into one. With one click one can navigate between notification, messages, and timelines and much more for every platform.  Mainly designed for Twitter but now it is made compatible with all other platforms.hootsuite

Followerwonk: Developed by Moz was designed mainly for managing the functions of the Twitter account. It has multiple functions that may include organization and tracking of the followers. It can also analyze those accounts that may or may not be your follower. Next, the most important feature is that Followerwonk also tracks when the followers are mostly active. Due to this feature, you can be aware of the exact time when to post and when to not.

ManageFlitter: Manage Flitter mainly acts as a follower management tool for the Twitter. It allows you to see who is engage to your tweets and who’s not. It displays a list of the followers. You may remove that follower who is inactive or showing a little interest. It will help you track all your resourceful followers.

Manage Flitter

SocialPilot: This tool mainly aims at online stores. It not only allows you to schedule post but also gives you a suggestion for your content. But its main features are that it can send the product pictures and Facebook post directly from the site you are using. You can also connect it to Instagram, Pinterest and other sites that can bring an increase in sales.

Social Pilot

Zapier: Zapier main feature is that it can move information among the Web Pages and that too automatically. It can connect to the application such that an action in one Web Pages can perform an action in other automatically.  Among the various use of Zapier, the main advantage is that in one click you can share content in a number of channels. Zapier has a numerous platform combination that may include Pinterest and Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, Twitter and Facebook and many others.


BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo is one of the important tools that can be used for SEO and content marketing. BuzzSumo helps to search for the exact keyword and topic and also show the most related article on the topic. BuzzSumo has a feature called the influencer search that the influential persons in your field.Buzz Sumo

Portent Content Idea Generator: It not possible for all to generate constant topic all the time. Portent Content Idea Generator gives you title suggestion when you enter a keyword. It is easy and a quick process.

Canva: Images are a vital feature in posting. Editing of images can be costly. So, here Canva offers you a design suite through which you can edit images.  By the drag and drop facility, you can create professional images in a second of time. You can filter image and can also add text to it.

Bitly: Long URL can be a bit of unprofessional. Bitly help you to convert the long URL into the professional looking URL in a fraction of the time.

Klear: Klear can be powerful influencer tool that can find the influential persons but also can help you to connect with them. Klear gives you a detailing about the popularity, reach and relevance of such individuals. 

Feedly: Feedly makes you aware of the post made from your industry. You can see the sites too and Feedly can also help you to compile a list of bad and good post. It acts as a filter.

Social Mention: Once you have published, this social media marketing tool helps you to track over a number of sites to find out where your company name is mentioned. It refines the searches on 4 categories mainly on sentiment, strength, passion and reach. It will also notify you that who have mentioned your company name in their post. 

Google Analytics: This tool is a free analytic tool that can tell you the effect of the strategy on your site. It gives a report based on the visitor gender, country of their origin, Bounce rate, visitors returning, their age, use of the device and the operating system used. This will help you to find the flaws in your business and help to improve them.

LikeAlyzer: This tool acts as a rough idea that can help you with a rough ranking idea. You just need to enter the URL and it will pop out with some statistics about your page and points for improvement. It compares your site with that of your competitors.

This tool is very useful. You just need to choose the right tool for your business. This social media marketing tools comes absolutely free and can be easily accessible

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