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Wordpress Theme Detector

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About Wordpress Theme Detector

Wordpress is one of the most used CMS these days as it has ultimate features and functionalities like themes, plugins, easy to work, SEO optimized, etc. Wordpress themes are another major advantage of this CMS as there are lots of multi-feature themes are available on the internet. Due to the advancement of the technology, it becomes easier to know the theme of any Wordpress site. One such tool is Wordpress Theme Detector which is used for detection of the themes being used on a Wordpress site.

What is Wordpress Theme Detector?

Many times, we see sites which are looking extremely beautiful and attractive. We are always eager to know the basic reason behind them. Wordpress Theme Detector is a powerful tool which helps you to identify which Wordpress theme is being used by the site. It will give you full details of the theme, and how it has been covered over the website. It will also give complete knowledge of the plugins of the Wordpress being used over the site.

How to use Wordpress Theme Detector?

Using the Wordpress Theme Detector tool is very easy and the steps are very simple to be followed. Here is the clear description of how to use the tool to find out the theme. Go through the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the Wordpress theme detector tool.
  • There you will see an empty box with a line ‘enter a URL’. Type the URL of the website you want to search the Wordpress theme for.
  • Final step is to give a proof that you are not a robot. For that write the correct captcha as mentioned in the image.
  • Hit the submit button at the end.

After some analysis, the tool will detect the Wordpress theme used, its correct version, author name and the plugins being used and will provide you all the information clearly.

Why need to use Wordpress Theme Detector?

The reason for using the Wordpress Theme Detector is very simple. If you want to build a website which will look as similar and beautiful as the other site that you love, then it is necessary to know the idea behind the work. Wordpress Theme Detector has the power to identify the correct theme, its updated version and plugins used on that website but only if it is using Wordpress. It will guide you in a proper manner.

Tips on using Wordpress detector in a better way

To use this tool, the only correct method is to type the correct URL. This is because if any point is written by mistake in the URL, it is a possibility that the Wordpress theme detector will not be able to detect the theme or the plugins used correctly. So, it is always advisable that you should directly copy the URL and paste in the box

Final Words

Wordpress Theme Detector is a beneficial tool especially for the designers and bloggers. They can easily identify the theme and plugins used on a Wordpress site with the help of this tool. Now as the methodology of using the tool is clear by the steps, so it is highly recommended to use the tool once. It will let you the features of the tool.