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Website Status

Enter up to 100 URLs (Each URL must be on separate line)

About Website Status

Website Status - Ranking of website high in the search engine is very important for any business that may be either online or offline. There are a lot of practices that are meant for the ranking of the page such as choosing the right keyword, delivering quality content, earning backlink, keeping a watch on what your competitors are up to and much more. We here will not discuss a factor that does has some effect on the ranking directly but we will recommend being very caution while choosing the host company for your website. You might be thinking that what is the need to give more emphasis on this point as this does not have any direct effect on the search engine. Let me tell you that there are certain consequences that you cannot afford to avoid. We do here do not focus on the price alone rather emphasize on getting the best service.

Here we will be discussing upon three factors on which the web hosting largely depends. Most of these factors can be different from month to month and you do need to keep a regular updated about it. This factor gets updated each month and we do prescribe you to review on regular basis. Whenever you notice a problem, what do you do? You wait for the time being and see when your web hosting company will take necessary action in it. No, I do not take this to be a right decision. As soon as you face an issue you need to contact the web hosting company and ask for solving it. There are certain cases where company do know about the certain problem but avoid taking any action on it. So, here we will ask you to kindly change the company you are with. For this, we do ask to avoid having long-term contract with the company and change the company as soon as you find that the web hosting company is not capable of doing their job to the fullest.

You do need to choose the payment system as per monthly basis rather than going on a yearly basis. This will benefit you as such whenever you find that the company is not doing their job well you can move to another company without losing a penny but what happens if you invest in a long term plan you may have a tendency of losing a lot. There must be cases where you find that your web hosting company is not doing their job properly and you need to get out from there. So, get out from there no matter you had to lose a thousand for that as because you did not afford to do a major SEO damage to your website. So, here is detailed study on all the factors;

Downtime and Uptime

Before we carry on with the discussion we need to know what is downtime and uptime. It can be termed as the time that your website is inaccessible whereas uptime can be defined as for how long in a given time period the website faces the problem of inaccessibility. This can be serious issues. Web crawlers do crawl the web page for several times a day. Suppose they visited and find that the web page is inaccessible or going through a downtime, they do record it and thus move to another site. If this frequently happens then the SEO will take this into account and consider it as an untrusted one and thus will decrease its ranking in the SEO. Uptime can be taken into account but downtime is not at all accepted.


Speed matters a lot in the ranking of the page in the search engine. According to Google, there are at least 200 factors on which the algorithm decide which website can rank high in the search engine. Speed is one of the factors that do affect the ranking of the page. If downloading speed of your website is good it will get a more amount of view by the users whereas if users finds that they are unable to surf properly due to the speed, then they will leave the site at once and go to another site. Google who keeps an eye on the timing a user remains on your page as soon as it finds that the user left your web page only because of the speed is low, it will decrease the rank of your webpage in the search engine.

Location of the website

Ranking of a web page largely depends on the location of the company. Giving a most relevant location can be a good option for ranking. IP address do tells the actual location of your web page from where all the worked are being carried out.

What is a Website Status Checker?

This can be termed as a tool that is being used to carry out a check on the status of the server. Space are provided which gives you the provision to enter up to 100 URL at a time and click on the submit button. It gives you details such as the HTTP code, response time and status of the URL.

Website Status Checker is a powerful tool which identifies the status of the website server is website status down or uptime. The tool will check all the required specifications regarding the server. When checking with the Server Status Checker tool, it will give you following details:

  • URLs
  • HTTP code
  • Response time
  • Status

The URL will specify the URL of the website for which the server status has been checked. The HTTP codes represent IETF standards for the internet. They depict the connectivity status. The very first digit of the code represents the response class among the total 5 response classes. Response time shows how much time is taken between request and response and the status shows whether page is in online mode or offline mode.

How to use Website Status Checker?

Server Status Checker tool can be used very easily and is effectively understandable. The steps to be followed are very simple and easy. Here is the clear description of how to use the tool to find the status of the server for the mentioned URL. Go through the steps below:

  • Firstly, open the Server Status Checker tool.
  • There you will see an empty box with a line ‘Enter up to 100 URLs. Type the correct URL of the website for which you want to find the status of the server.
  • Final step is to give a proof that you are not a robot. For that write the correct captcha as mentioned in the image.
  • Now click on submit.

You will get complete information about the server status with all the required details.

Why use Website Status Checker?

Using Website Status Checker tool will help you know your website’s status and how fast the server is reacting to any of the responses. This way, you can improve the quality of the website by decreasing load on it or by maximizing the resources.

Tips on using Website Status Checker in a better way

Although using Website Status Checker tool is not tough but you need to keep some things in mind. These are as follows:

  • Always enter correct URL.
  • While entering second URL, always use second line.

Website Status Checker tool is very important tool in the sense that it helps to analyze the performance of your website. So, you must have a look at it once and try to analyze the usage of the tool in the correct way.