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SoundCloud Downloader

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Note: If clicking on the download button doesn't start the downloading then Right Click and Save Link As to save the file.

About SoundCloud Downloader

Soundcloud Downloader Online - Soundcloud is designed in Berlin in the year 2008 by Swedish Sound designer Ljung and artist Wahlforss. This was created to allow musicians to share music with each other through a social networking platform. Later it changed in many aspects and mostly used as a Online downloader. Soundcloud has become very successful among the mass.

Soundcloud downloader Online is a very simple and basic online tool. It is capable of downloading any kind of music or sound track from Soundcloud. Accessing the Soundcloud downloader Online tool is quite easy and the user get high quality mp3 version for any sound track. Above all it is absolutely free to use the tool online. The users only have to follow certain steps to accomplish the task of downloading the soundtrack:

  • Go to the page from where you want to download the track
  • Copy the page link
  • Come to the Soundcloud downloader Online page
  • Paste the link that you have copied in the URL field
  • Press the download button, Rest of the task will be done by the Soundcloud downloader Online Tool itself.

F.A.Q About Soundcloud Downloader Online tool

Q: 1) Can Soundcloud tracks be converted to mp3 track?

Ans: Yes, it is capable of doing so. The user needs to paste a song or video URL. The software will download the Soundcloud or YouTube video in the server. The video or sound track will be automatically converted. Then the user will get access to download the converted file from there. Many users uses this tool to convert Soundcloud and YouTube video to mp3 file, but this software is capable of providing other services as well.

Q: 2) what are the different ways to download from Soundcloud?

Ans: Soundcloud serves as a social media platform. The user can download, upload, record songs from this site and share them with others. Most of the songs can directly be downloaded from the sites but in some cases the user needs to use other ways to get the song of their choice. In this case the user can use built in tools in chrome, Firefox or Safari. An extension of Firefox is also available for this purpose, though there are other websites to help you in this process.

Now follow these few simple steps to download songs from Soundcloud using Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

  • These browsers let you access the developer tools so that you can find the file on Soundcloud page. The fact that the user must know that using this method will result in downloading a file that is 128 kbps. It may be low in quality than the original one.
  • Now open the developer tool. Press the F12 button (in windows). You can then see any of the three browsers.
  • You will see a “network” tab on the top left corner of your developer tools frame. Press it.
  • Reload the song of your choice. The network tab immediately resets.
  • Check if the song is playing.
  • Sort the page by ‘Size’ column. The file will automatically show up on the top as this will be the largest file in the page.
  • Open the file in mew tab.
  • The song will begin to play immediately.

Q: 3) How can we use Soundcloud offline?

Ans: You can create a playlist for listening songs offline. To create an individual playlist, open the playlist and click to save offline button. There you will see many tracks are available for saving in offline listening. In iOS you will find it on the bottom of your screen and in Android it will appear on the drop down menu. You can enjoy the songs offline without paying for it.

Q: 4) Is ‘Soundcloud Go’ another application?

Ans: No, absolutely not. It is the same old Soundcloud. But the Soundcloud has introduced some new features in Soundcloud Go. It has an expanded catalogue of tracks those are new to the platform, new and up grated functionality. And this is payable.

Q: 5) Is Soundcloud free or chargeable?

Ans: yes, it is free of cost. No hidden charges are applicable. This is an online audio distribution social platform based on Berlin, Germany. It enables its users to record, upload, download and share the audio tracks.

In February 2017 Soundcloud has launched a new service named Soundcloud Go; this will allow the subscribers to cut ads and listen to the music offline for $ 5 per month. These charges are applicable from 2017onwards till now.