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Site Checker - Have you noticed the highlighted words or images in a web document? This word or images that are highlighted will redirect you another page of same domain or website or to another page in another domain or website. Depending on the destination they are linked to, hyperlinked can be categorized into two sections – Internal links and external links.

To start with, external links can be termed as links of a page that will take you to another page of another domain. In an external link, the link directs to the separate domain.

Internal Linking

Site Checker - Internal links are those hyperlinks that link you to another page of the same domain. It may point to the same webpage of same website or same domain. Interlinks can even point to another page of the same website. Some of the webmasters use internal links so to inform Google that the content of a particular page is important.

Internal link can be created by the following code sample:

<a href="" title="Your Keyword Here">Keyword Text</a>

The optimal code of creating an internal link is by using descriptive keywords that provide sense about the keyword or the topic in the source page. It is used in the anchor text. This code targets to the destination page.

The founding idea of the internet is to allow its user to navigate from one page to another through the hyperlink. Both external link and internal link serve the same purpose but the main concept is those external links are used to navigate from one page to another of the different domain whereas internal links allow navigating within pages of the same domain. The main difference between an internal link and external link are that an external link is very difficult to control whereas internal links free to create and can creating or working on it can be fast and easy. An external link can appear in the content of the body text whereas internal link can appear both in content and in website navigation. The domain authority gets increased in external links whereas in internal links the page authority of the web page gets increased.

Despite all the differences external link and internal link helps in surfing and getting the value for search engine optimization. The added benefits of internal links are to allow good navigation on the website and also allow spiders to crawl through the website more freely.

Primarily discussing internal link can be used for making the users freely navigate through the website. It is also used for the purpose of establishing hierarchy information for the website. They also help in ranking the power around the website.

Do Internal Linking is Important?

Site Checker - Ranking of a website high in the search engine is the dream of every webmaster. Internal links serve you to that purpose. They do have SEO benefits in several ways. It allows the search spiders to freely crawl through the page thus exploring each and every page that the links direct to. The crawlers through a page and hen he finds a link, he follows through that link and thus goes to another page that the link takes him to. In this way, each and every page is got discovered by the search engine crawler and your page is fully discovered by the web crawler. This also helps in the ranking of the page in the search engine.

I will not conclude that the page which does not have links is not visited by crawlers. Yes, they do but that takes a lot of time. So, if you have enough time to wait, then don’t go for links. For others who are in hurry to see the result of their website then just establish as many internal links as you can.

Site Checker - The structure of the website you designed is formed by the internal links which are visually effective and appealing. These do help in the organization of the content of your website. It also helps visitors to find the information quickly. This thus helps the visitors and the search engine to find the content of your website. Search engine list pages by following the internal links and getting the content of the page. Internal links provide the means by which readers gets the capability of reading the content of the webpage. Internal links help in improving the ranking of your website for specific keywords. Internal linking helps to promote paid services for your website and events. Thus internal links help the crawler to crawl the site freely.

While coming to the end, I hope that you have felt the necessity of internal link for the ranking of the page. So, if you are not sure that how to analyze that the links created in your site work properly or not then let me tell you that search for link analyzer in the search engine. There are a hundred of sites that provide link analyzer. On entering the URL and clicking the submit button of Site Checker, you can get the result telling the total number of links for a webpage, its total internal link count, external link count and Nofollow link. It also shows that where this links directs to and is they dofollow or nofollow link.