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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker - Are you playing online? For those who are into an online venture need to have a follow-up of different types of activities which are needed for the proper ranking of the page or the website in the search engine. As an online professional, the knowledge of correct tool implementation in the correct time and the correct place is very essential. Emphasis is given on the behavior of the website in the search engine. A regular check on the proper functioning of each and every is needed to look out that does also include checking the page authority of a particular website.

So, what does Moz page authority mean?

Page Authority Checker - Page authority is the term commonly used in Search Engine Optimization. This authority is generally used to predict the rank of a specific page of a website in the search engine. It is the measurement of the probability that the web page to be found in the search engine result page. This score was developed at the SaaS Company Moz. Thus technically it can be defined as the calculation metric by Moz that can envision the rank of a certain page in the search result of the search engine. The measure is given on the 0 to 100 logarithmic scales. This report so generated basically base on factors such as MozTrust, MozRank, word count, internal links, external links, backlinks and many other factors. It thus examines all the links and the information of that particular page in the website. The higher will be the page authority for a page on the website, the more chances arise to visible the webpage in the search engine result. Maybe if the score is too good then the page can be seen on the first page of the result page of the search engine. Page authority can be the count on the page that is residing inside a website and does not have any relation with the whole website. By counting the page authority one can be aware as how much valuable information the page contains that makes it important to be displayed in the search engine. It is thus to look that how much useful information the page contains in order to survive in the completion with other WebPages for better ranking in the search result.

Generally, Page authority is used largely by the webmasters and the marketers to see whether the ranking of their page and thus also compares the page with other in the sites that are in the competition market. Now, if utilized properly this score can be of great benefit as this gives an overall view of the market and understand the business with whom they are competing and thus gives an opportunity to improve the page and the score of the page authority. Many giant companies do heavily depend on the page authority before working with other WebPages.

How to improve the Page authority score?

As of now, it is very clear that page authority is an important factor to view a web page in the search result. Here are a quick view on all the factors and steps to improve them;

Creating meaningful content

Do a content that is not interesting is worthy of reading? Generally quality content is that has the capability of attracting the maximum numbers of readers. An interesting content is shared and commented by all. It should contain all the useful information and can serve the targeted audiences. Use of easy phrase with quotes and links are supposed to be a sign of a good content. Lastly, no one likes to read the same content each and every time so a pack of fresh content is always welcomed by the viewers.

Looking after the links

Generally, it is seen in some cases where the links point to WebPages of the same website or of a different website that has no connect with the content of the previous website or sometimes comes with an error message. Now, this is to be avoided as search engine do highly take that into account. So, need to take care of all the links that can be internal or external. An attempt should be taken on removing the bad backlinks and thus earning of quality backlinks.

Usage of images

A reader first sees with his eyes. This is very true in the case of web page designing. Images are considered to be wonderful sources that can attract the maximum number of viewers and make them read the content provided that the image is appropriate to the content of the page. Viewers do always share images and Google do highly give importance to images. This can also help in improving the page authority score.

What is a Page authority Checker?

Page Authority Checker - Sometimes it’s not possible to calculate the page authority manually taking all the factors in account. So, Page authority checker help in finding the page authority for a web page in few seconds. Only needed to enter the URL of the page and click on the submit button. These checker facilities to compare a web page with 20 WebPages.

Ranking is a very important term in the field of online business. You might be a blogger or an owner of website you solely depend upon the number of viewers. Viewers increase if your website or blog ranks good on search engine results. It is important that your website should be shown on the first page or on the second page because beyond that hardly anyone goes. So in this scenario it is better that the owner should check that what rank its website will have? So that is done by Page Authority Checker tool. It tells the authority of the each page of your website on Google. The more the authority of your website’s pages more the value or worth of your website. It is an easy tool which gives you the result within few seconds.

Understanding Page Authority Checker

Page Authority Checker - is an online tool that calculates the probability of how well a website might do in’s searches. Now to put it in technical terms Page Authority is Moz’s calculated metric that shows you the probable ranking of a website. The results are based on Mozscape web index, link counts, mozRank, mozTrust and few more criteria’s. A certain machine learning model is used that finds an algorithm than correlates with ranking in comparison with thousands of search results that the tool predicts against.

Page Authority is basically a score that has been developed by Moz that is based on a scale of 100. This tool is free and user-friendly. All you have to do is input the link of the website and tool will take care of the rest.

There is a difference between Page Authority and Domain Authority

Page Authority Checker - Page authority is the result of how well some page ranks amongst various versions whereas Domain Authority measures the strength of entire domain. So does the Page Authority check regularly and Domain check is on you.

Make your score better

The Page Authority Checker is a logarithmic scale based on 100. That means it is easier to improve from 10 to 20 and harder to improve from 60 to 70. The tool is constantly updated so that you have correct idea of position of your website. Scoring is should constantly increase so that your rank increases. And once you reach the top that does not mean you should take rest.

This is a competitive world and website bellow yours will try and take your position so you always have to improve. You cannot influence the Page Authority directly as it is made up of aggregate metrics. The only way to improve rank is to improve your website.

The Page Authority Checker tool is approximate and gives you an idea that how competitive the world is. You have to improve overall SEO. Another thing you can do is get better backlinks. Backlinks influence MozRank and MozTrust so directly influencing your score. You should also make sure that your site is plagiarism free.