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Mozrank Checker

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About Mozrank Checker

Mozrank Checker - How can you represent the popularity of a link? It’s hard to do so. Links comes come from different sources, so it is hard to check their popularity scores. If you think so, then you are very wrong. Today we are going to talk about a rank measuring tool that can easily tell you the popularity score of the link. Developed by Moz, this tool tells you the importance of the website. It also states the authority for the given website. Thus many big firms used this algorithm to know the popularity of a particular web page on the internet. MozRank is generally allotted on the basis of the number of links earned and also looks after the qualities that are earned. Your MozRank can be high if you manage to earn the link from a popular web page. MozRank highly depends on the incoming link quality earned. From a general view, it may seem to be same like that of the other ranking system but from the expert's point of view it is different and contains an algorithm that ranks website in a more democratic way. This can be a unique factor in MozRank that makes it different from another ranking system.

The results displayed on the MozRank are in the logarithmic scale of 0 to 10. MozRank gives you the opportunity to improve your website ranking. Generally, a normal or standard website is assumed to be scored 3-4 and there is subject to improve from this.

Mozrank Checker by Moz

Mozrank Checker - So, if you have scored a MozRank of 3-4 and wants to improve then you can make the certain strategy that can help you in earning links. Search engine ranking largely depends on link earned. Quality links are always given the higher preference. So, if you manage to earn a score 3-4, then you need to post high informatics contents in the post or in the blog you are writing. Links from popular WebPages are given the utmost importance but it is not that links from semi- popular are not given that importance.

So, you must be thinking that from where you can earn a MozRank? So, here are some importance details that can help you in getting your MozRank;

Open Site Explorer

By using web index of Mozscape, this explorer makes a distinction among the website top pages, backlinks, and many other metrics. This explorer is mainly used in performing tasks like research on the anchor text, knowing some popular contents, getting more opportunities on links, research on what your competitors are doing on their website and much more.


This is Moz personalized toolbar for SEO where it permits to explore the powerful tools of the SEO and other data of the SEO. This can be done while you are on the internet and doing some work. You need not interrupt that part of the work rather your tool is doing it part of work for you. It also helps by getting you know about the SEO problem and tricks to overcome them.

Must you be wondering the difference between MozRank and Domain Authority? If so then here is something that can solve all your queries. The first difference that comes to mind that MozRank is given a score of 0-10 but Domain Authority is given on a scale of 100 points. Both are being developed by Moz. Domain Authority can be used to estimate the would be the page rank of a page in the search engine. MozRank tells you about the popularity of the links that area pointing towards your website. This links may come from a popular source or even can be earned from a semi-popular source. Domain Authority does compare one site with the other and an also know the strength of the website. Domain Authority can be calculated with taking values that of from root domain links, total links earned, MozTrust, MozRank, etc. All these factors are combined to get one Domain Authority. Whereas MozRank do not compare one site with the other and neither gives a report on that. It checks on the popularity of the links. MozRank does not require any other factors to determine the strength of the link. Thus Domain Authority tells you about the ranking of the page would be after it is been taken live but MozRank tells all about the links that the website earns from different other websites.

Free Mozrank Checker Online

Mozrank Checker - By reading this I do know that you too fell the necessity of knowing your MozRank but thinking from where to know so. So, if you search in the search engine there are a hundred of sites that come with a Mozrank checker. This Mozrank Checker are absolutely free and can deliver you detailed reports as for the MozRank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority. You need to enter the URL on which you want to carry the search and click on the submit button. Within a second a report showing the domain name, MozRank, Page Authority score and Domain authority score appears.