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Keyword Density

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About Keyword Density

To rank high in the search engine result page, keyword density plays an important role. Keyword density can be described as how many times a keyword or keyword phrase appears on the web page compared to total words on that page. Keyword density is measured in terms of percentage. It tells that how often a keyword or keyword phrase appears in the text.

Keyword density was very important in the late 1990s. It was considered as one of the important factors for the ranking of the page. Keyword density spread like fire and all started too soon utilize this factor so as to improve the ranking of their page in the SERP.

For an example A text of 500 words contains 15 keywords. Then according to the definition, the keyword density is calculated as 15%. This is the ideal percentage for ranking high in the SERP. Suppose your keyword percentage exceed then search engine can downgrade your website. This can lead to affect the result in the search engine result page.

The website developers started to stuff their webpage with keywords for a good ranking. This practice became viral and the search engine took a vital step o stop this practice. In the recent times, keyword stuffing is the name given to the overuse of keyword or keyword phrases. If the search engine discovers that your webpage is stuffed with keywords, they will take vital action that may result in the ranking of the page in the search engine or even a penalty. For the purpose of determining whether a keyword is relevant to the specific webpage or not, keyword density plays a vital role.

Formula of Keyword Density

How to calculate keyword density? The ideal formula for calculating keyword density, the formula used is

Density= (Nkr/Tkn)* 100;

>> Here density refers to the Keyword density;

>> Where Nkr represents the number of times the keyword appears in a specific text;

>> Tkn refers to the total number of words in the specific text.

Before calculating the keyword density, be in mind to ignore the embedded tags and the HTML tags that do not appears in the text page once published.

Relation between SEO and Keyword Density

In the late 1990s or in the early 2000s, Density of Keyword was the hottest topic to discussed among the webmasters. Keyword density was calculated on a regular basis for the purpose of ranking in the search engine. The formula used in those times was the ratio of the keywords in a given text to the total word on that page. They believed that each page had a specific keyword density and once the specific page had reached that number, it is bound to rank high in the search engine result page for that keyword. In a few years, the importance of keyword density increased so that some started to try the trick to improve their ranking high. The webmasters and SEO named this process as keyword stuffing that involves stuffing of excessive keywords in their web page. Google soon discovered the need to improve this practice. They updated their algorithm that started to penalize the sites that believed in keyword stuffing.

In the recent years, keywords still matter a lot for the SEO. Through a lot of changes in the algorithm, search engine still gives importance to the keyword. As in the early years, the ranking of a webpage used to depend on keyword density but in recent times search engine tries to fund out the meaning behind those keywords. They give more emphasis on the intent that lies behind a keyword. In a survey, it is found that keyword density is no longer important for SEO. It is just a measure that shows the relevancy of the specified page. The higher the keyword density, the higher the relevance the page is to search string.

Keywords are always being important to the search engine. Among the various other factors, keyword plays a vital role in ranking of a page in the search engine. So, it is needed to know the density of keyword for a given text. Applying any other means like keyword stuffing is highly not recommended for search engine result.

Keyword Density Checker Tool

If you lack in time or capability to calculate keyword density by yourself, then you can take the help of the Keyword density checker tool that available in the internet. This Keyword Density tool helps the webmasters to calculate the keyword density for their specific WebPages and thus also helps in finding out the tag cloud that displays the important keywords of your website. Don’t mistake keyword density checker tool with one that will rectify mistakes. It is a tool that identifies the mistakes and gives the opportunity to rectify them. The uniqueness about this tool is that it will show the number of keyword in the specific text after you enter the URL. In a fraction of seconds, the checkers will tell you about the number of times each keyword appeared in the text along with the number of total keyword in the text. This keyword density checker tool help in avoiding excessive stuffing of keywords. Though a page gets its identification if it contains some valuable, interesting or entertaining information, still keyword density checker is needed to avoid getting penalized by the search engine and in maintaining a standard keyword density for the given web page.