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IP Location Find

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About IP Location Find

GEO location is the process of detecting physical location of some remote device. Geo location is the more specifically determination of the location with the method of using longitude and latitude, such as the Geo IP location of New York city is Latitude- 40.730610 and Longitude—73.935242. With the help of the GEO Ip Location Finder you can easily find out the exact geo location that is, distinguishing the location with its latitude and longitudes. Ip geo location is the best software that can show you the right location of any country, any state, any city or any lane.

This kind of Ip Location Finder Tool is able to inform you about the geo ip location of any place, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP, domain name, IDD country code, area code, weather station code, name of the weather station, mobile carrier, elevation, and usage type info using a proprietary IP address look-up database and technology without disturbing the privacy of the internet user. The solution is accessible as the database, programming API and hosted solution.

If you want to know anyone’s location you can find it out with a few easy steps, only one condition he or she has to be connected to you online. With the help of a simple internet tool or software you can check out the location of your friend if you want to do so. But you should not keep the misconception of having located him in exactly where he or she is, you will get quite near him or her but not exactly the point from where he is connected to you.

This Ip Location Finder tool is very helpful in telling you from where a person is mailing you. Sometimes, the identity of a person is needed to be decoded from where he is doing the internet stuff. This geo location tool does not tell you about the person’s name or address, that it is not supposed to do. If the Ip Location Finder tool tells us about these data about a person this will be violation of privacy… and this will be offensive in many cases, where you do not want your identity to be public, and you do not want everyone to know your personal data to keep you safe from unwanted disturbance.

You can even find your Ip Address Location. Surprisingly you will find out all the details given above (name of country, state, zip code, area code, weather station code and name and all the additional info). It can show you’re your home IP address, address of your local cafeteria and other places where you are near to.

You will see that you are not able to find out your exact location – this is to maintain your privacy, so that you or any other person who is using internet can be kept safe. You location that will be shown must be 5 or 6 miles away from your home.

Things you should know about IP Location Finder

  • Accuracy in determining the country name is from 95% to 99%
  • Accuracy in determining the city name is from 50% to 80%
  • Accuracy in determining the Zip code or are code name is from 15% to 40%

This part is trickier and less accurate results come out.

How does IP Address Location Finder work?

There are several geo location services available online, but the payable services tend to give correct and error free data for the most cases whereas, the results coming from the free geo location services are less reliable and often provides wrong information to the user.

This service has the access to many databases and it gives them the needed info about someone and from that it can locate the person from his or her IP address. They have access to the Regional Internet Registries or RIR. They are responsible for maintain and distributing IP addresses for the particular part of the world. Geo location services use other sources to find out My IP addresses too. Some internet service provider may also provide information to database that helps the geo location services in their job. They use statistical formulas and some other sophisticated analytical tools to analyze the collected database.

This service is not designed to play with or be harmful for any internet user. They are very useful and beneficial for many organization and companies who actually use them for specific purposes. Banks use them to authenticate the server and users’ identity. It is also used to detect online fraud. Law enforcement sectors use the geo location tools for tracking online financial transactions.