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About Domain Suggestion

A domain name is very important for any business that has an online existence i.e. a website. And a domain name should be effective and catchy enough. But choosing a domain name is not easy. You must want a website address that will be memorable and meaningful at the same time.

Buying and selling domain name thus is very interesting business. Domains are bought at a minimum price and at the right time they are sold at a price that is 100 or 200 times more than the purchase rate. That is how the domain name is bought and sold for business.

There are millions of domains already registered by someone and there are endless combinations of available domains to register. So if you are planning on buying domains then you have to narrow your focus. Think of your forte that means in which sector are you comfortable in and that you already know a little bit, start from there.

Now you have to find valuable domains. You have to research on the aftermarket to know which kind of domain name will be valuable in near future. Keep track on the news and market to know better, never miss an opportunity. Evaluate your domain name price. You can take help from various sources to do this for you correctly. Now when your domain is ready for selling you have to place them in front of the buying people. You have to do certain things for that:

  • Pick a place with good rating and reliable enough because you want to be paid for your domain and the customer wants to get the domain he has paid for.
  • Check the place if it is licensed from a govt. Source.
  • Make sure that the place has a well-connected network for distribution for your domain. It is very important to reach the potent buyer. Listing in a distribution network such as Afternic will get your domain name in front of millions of people every month and you will get the right buyer for your domain.

There is domain suggestion tool to help you out to find the ideal name for your domain, don’t get worried if your perfect name’s .com has already taken.

Suppose, you are looking to make a new blog and you do not know which domain name to choose, you are going to set up a new website but you really cannot decide which domain name to use, every single domain name you are typing is already taken and you are simply out of your mind – then you can take resort to the domain suggestion. Here are a few free domain name generators for your help:

1. Lean domain search:

Start with a single keyword and then search your domain options. You will find hundreds of domain name results. All results are available .com domains. Here in this tool you can also:

  • Filter by length
  • Filter by alphabet
  • Filter by letter
  • Filter by popularity
  • Save your favorite domain names
  • Track your search history
  • Share your search results
  • Search your own ideas to see if they are available or not

2. Bust a name

It has many filtering tool to give you a name for your site. Start by filtering for keywords, then choose start or end options, then filter by how natural you want your domains to look and then limit by the alphabet. You can choose your domain name extensions such as .org, .com, .edu and much more.

You can also start up with a random domain name. When you have finally, find out a perfect name for your website then save it for later or purchase it through links.

3. Name boy

It helps you to find available domain name based on the chosen keyword. Enter 2 keywords and it will deliver you a number of suggestion for a domain name. You can also see available resell domain names.

4. Shopify business Domain Name Suggestion

Though the tool name suggests that it only delivers business names, it actually gives you a suggestion for domain names. Here also you have to choose by a keyword. Choose a keyword and you will get hundreds of ideas instantly.

So here is some free domain name suggestion tool for your use that will serve you. Choose a keyword and make a creative domain name for your website today. If you want to buy and sell domains then also the domain suggestion tool work very effectively to create numerous domain names.