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About Check SSL

Do you think that your data in the web page is secure? Is there any guarantee that it is not seen by others? As survey reports that there is an increasing rate of cyber crimes reported in the recent years. Especially when we are living in the world where more than thousands of online transactions are taking place each and every hour. So it’s better to secure your data than be late. Are you wondering how to do that? Calm, I am going to help you out with this. First allow me to introduce with the name SSL.

Introduction of SSL Certificate

Check SSL Certeficate

So, what does SSL Stand For? Any idea about SSL? No… SSL is also commonly known as Secure Sockets Layer. It is a technology used for the establishment of encrypted link in between a browser and a web server. The work of this link is to provide a security to all that data that passes through the browser and the web server. This link ensures that the data which passed through the browser and the web page maintains its privacy and integrity. It is a standard security technology that has been accepted by each and every corner of the world has accepted this technology. SSL is being used by more than thousands of websites to secure the transaction of their online customers. It is hard to believe that Secure Sockets Layer or SSL everyday secures millions of data over internet. It would be wrong to say only about online transactions. Thousands of confidential information are stored and transferred to different part of the world. What would have happened to that confidential information without SSL?

How can you see that the site you are using is SSL secure or can secure your valuable confidential data? Have you ever noticed the green lock icon that appears on the web page? Yes… that is the sign that your web page is secured by SSL. There also can be a green colour address bar that may appear on the extended validated SSL website. In the URL the SSL secured websites come with the https in the beginning rather than HTTP.

Usefulness of SSL Certificate

How can you create an SSL connection to your web server? The first thing you need is SSL Certificate. To define the term it can be stated as a small piece of data that creates a cryptographic key for an organization. When SSL is installed on the server, it will activate the lock and the http and thus secure the connection between the browser and the web server. So, you must be wondering what these small pieces of data are all about. This is generally a set of questions related to your website and your respective organization. Once you are done with that, your browser provides with a lock key icon that tells that your site is now secured and ready to be used. If you click on the icon you can see your respective SSL Certificate and its details. This certificate contains the name of the organization, domain name, and about you that contains information like your address, your city and your belonging country. The expiry date is also provided in the same which gives you the information as for when to renew the certificate. SSL certificates are generally issued to individuals who are legally accountable or to organizations. Though the complexities of protocol made invisible to the customers.

After you have completed this all the next thing is installation. How can you ensure that whether the SSL certificate is installed successfully or not? For this, you need an Check SSL Certificate tool. So, what is the work of these checkers? This Check SSL Certeficate Tool acts as a diagnostic tool that ensures whether your SSL certificate is successfully installed or not on the web server. An SSL checker proves to be beneficiary testing an SSL certificate is still trusted and works properly for its users. Some checker comes with an expiration reminder that can notify you before the expiry of the certificate so that you can renew and your users can get a secured usage of the webpage. This can be commonly termed as a diagnostic tool that also been used by security and network team to troubleshoot and fix the problems that are commonly faced during the installation of the certificate. So, you must be wondering from where you can find an Check SSL Certificate tool? Many websites come up with a free Check SSL Certificate tool. The only thing you need to enter is your URL in the Check SSL Certificate tool. This tools now provides with the information of your certificate. The Check SSL Certificate tool also tells you about the common name , server type , issuer, serial number, alternative names, expiration date and much more other information.

Check SSL Certificate

Do you have an organisational website? By this article, I hope that I have provided you with essential information like why is SSL, Check SSL Certificate tool is needed. Your webpage may contain much valuable and important information. So, it's your responsibility to ensure that your webpage is secured for the use of your customers. Also don’t forget to check your certificate through Check SSL Certificate tool and set up a timer that will remind you of the expiration date.