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Backlinks Tracker


About Backlinks Tracker

If you are a search engine optimizer or SEO (a popular acronym), then you probably know about the importance of tracking the links which you have created and keeping a note of the anchor texts used while linking. If you don’t pay attention to these small details, then you cannot expect long term results since SEO is not a game to play with closed eyes.

Now that I have intrigued you about this topic, I would like to share a tool with you guys which will help you in keeping track of your links and making efficient backlinks on sites which Google considers to be good and indexes them.

Let’s face it guys, even though you get a link from a site with awesome metrics, if your backlink isn’t indexed, then it WON’T be counted as a backlink in the eyes of Google and won’t be helpful in evaluating your rankings on Google.

The tool which I was referring to is known as the Backlinks Tracker, which is a one of the many free This little tool helps you keep track of the links which you have made by showing you the link status, whether it is live and whether it is indexed by Google.

How to use Backlinks Tracker tool?

Using this Backlinks Tracker tool is easy, follow the steps below:

  • In the first field, enter your website URL for which you are making (or made) backlinks.
  • In the second field, you can enter the URLs where you have created the backlinks from. You are allowed to enter multiple URLs, but please make sure to add one URL per line. (It’s always a good idea to keep the URLs where you made the links in excel sheet for further analysis. If you haven’t kept such sheets, then you may be able to retrieve those URLS by looking at the history of your browser.)
  • Select the search engine where you are looking to rank. It will be for most of us, unless you are trying to rank locally and would be needing to target local Google TLDs.
  • Fill in the simple captcha. It is in place to keep bots and scripts from crashing our servers with too many requests.
  • Click on the “Track Backlinks” button for the tool to show the results.

Once the Backlinks Tracker tool analyzes your links (which should take a couple of minutes if you have many URLs to analyze), it shows the live data and indexation data for all the URLs you have submitted. You can make not of the links which weren’t indexed and try them again later.

How to get those backlinks indexed?

Unless you have been getting links from low value websites and websites with nofollow tag, they will be noticed and indexed by Google, thereby giving your site the authority it deserves. You can speed up the process by using various premium tools like Instant Link Indexer, One Hour Indexing or our in house pinging tool.