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Backlinks Checker - Backlinks are hyperlinks that redirect to your website. Backlinks are also termed as inbound links. Commonly known as inbound links, backlinks are important for the good ranking and popularity of the page. Google consider those websites that have a good number of quality backlinks. It’s true that the quality of the backlinks is much more important to the quantity of the backlinks. A website with too many backlinks is considered to be the higher linking site in each and every search engine. Backlinks are indications that your website contains good quality information and webmasters are providing backlinks for your website.

Why Backlinks So Important?

Backlinks are important for both search engine and for online business. Tell me which page of the SERP we generally click? Yes, the link that appears in first of the first page. Google or search engine rank that page higher in the SERP that can generate a good number of backlinks. It should be always noted that content of the page that is directing to your site, must be relevant to your page. This helps in generating quality backlinks. The quality of backlinks increases with the increase of the relevance of content. Backlinks are important for the purpose of getting ranking in the search engine. Receiving an organic link ranks the website higher in the search engine. In the event that you do have a site page then your point ought to be to get connections to individual pages alongside those that prompt to your landing page. Backlinks are fundamental for the indexing of new website page. The more Backlinks will be available for the new page the more it will get to be distinctly found. We are all mindful how essential is referral activity regarding a site page. Backlinks help to get this referral movement. Referral activity is focused by all and in this way got an exceptionally least bob rate.

How to Generate Backlinks?

Before talking about on the best way to create quality backlinks, it is exhortation not to produce backlinks with the help any terrible practices. To acquire notoriety or Backlinks numerous site proprietors adjust numerous out of line means like offering Backlinks, purchasing Backlinks or connection trade systems. Despite the fact that web index does not bolster this kind of odd practice and on the off chance that somebody comes in their notice they can get extreme discipline, for example, deindexing of the site page or even can get punished. A site ought not to make Backlinks through artificial means. Some of the great ways to generate backlinks can be:

Quality content

Great quality contents attract visitors and make them stay on the page. They will share the site link with their known ones or can link your site too. Good quality content should contain resourceful information; a solution to the problems; updated information; helpful guides and references.

Social networking

With the enhancement in popularity of the social networking sites, it I would suggest trying to generate viewers from the social networking site by promoting your website content and engaging social followers. Once your share starts to get rotate you can receive backlinks naturally.


Reviews can help you to earn backlinks for your website. Try to review the latest launches products as that can help you in earning high-quality backlinks.


Blogging is the best means for earn of quality backlinks. Primarily start blogging in sites with the smaller readership that will automatically build a path to move ahead with your website.


This is an incredible route by which you can get a most extreme number of Backlinks. Comment on other sites and provide your website link to it. This will help in generating backlinks.

Web Directories

Submitting on to web directories can help you in make more quality backlink. These are some of the practices that are widely used to generate natural backlinks and thus can help you out with the ranking of your website in the search engine.

Backlinks Checker Tool

Backlink Checker - Through this discussion, I hope that I have made it clear that how much is Backlinks important for the ranking of the page. It is also recommended for a regular check your backlinks. Checking of backlinks generated is not possible manually as it requires too much of hard work. Going through each site and checking how much backlinks your website has earned is really tough and requires a lot of time. An alternative to this can be done by simply searching for a Backlink checker in the search engine. The SERP will result with thousands of such pages. You can choose according to your need. All these sites are less time consuming and give you the authenticate result. In this page, we have provided with such a Backlink checker that gives you the accurate result as per your search. This site does not consume too much of your time. As of a webmaster can fully rely on this site and use this Backlink checker. It does not involve a hard work too. You just need to enter the URL for which you are performing the check. Click on the submit button and within a second you will be aware of how much backlinks your website have succeeded in gaining.

Note: This Backlink Checker is created by using Free Moz API so it will be only displaying all results based on Moz Database.